Block acquires music financial services startup Hifi

Block, the Jack Dorsey-founded fintech company previously known as Square, has acquired Hifi, a music-focused fintech startup. The company declined to share deal terms. Hifi founder and CEO Damian Man

Spotify will reportedly launch hi-fi audio through a costlier premium subscription

A couple of years after its original announcement, Spotify will finally launch its hi-fi tier with lossless music streaming through a “Supremium” plan later this year, which might cost mor

Reminder: Sansa Connect Reader Response Contest

Just a reminder: We’re also giving away two little devices that many of you are eager to get your greasy paws on: the Sansa Connect from SanDisk. Make the jump for full details:

iPod Accessories 2.0

It may sound soooo last year to talk about “iPod accessories,” but there’s a new wave on the horizon. Or at least there should be. So far, add-ons to the world’s top-selling MP3 player

Dunhill Alligator Skin iPod Speakers

If you have an affinity for things in alligator skin, this might be right up your alley. Luxury men’s goods maker Dunhill will be releasing a special version of the iPod HiFi speaker system wrapped

Name That Chiptune: The Growing Niche of 8-bit Music

Audio has been moving steadily toward higher fidelity and resolution as components become cheaper and more advanced. If it ain’t 24-bit and 192kHz, many people simply aren’t interested. But this w

Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder, Welcome to the Future

The Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder looks like a device from “Star Trek.” But while it might look like it can zap Klingons, really it’s just a voice recorder, a pretty nice voice reco