• Old-school social networks Tagged and Hi5 bought by MeetMe for $60M

    Old-school social networks Tagged and Hi5 bought by MeetMe for $60M

    Like bizzaro Facebooks, Tagged and Hi5 launched in 2004 to help you meet new people instead of connecting you with friends you already know. Through social games and paid dating features, they earned a surprising amount of revenue despite being relatively unknown. Tagged bought Hi5 in 2011 before branching out into standalone social app development and renamed the parent company If(we). But… Read More

  • Facebook’s Leftovers? Social Network Tagged Acquires hi5

    Facebook’s Leftovers? Social Network Tagged Acquires hi5

    Social networking service Tagged, Inc. announced it has acquired the social game network hi5 today, doubling Tagged’s monthly active users to 20 million. The combination will also increase the total number of registered users to 330 million, up from 100 million. According to The WSJ’s report, the deal’s terms were not disclosed, but include the hi5 website and user base. Read More

  • Hi5 Confirms “Significant” Layoffs, Wraps Them In Mumbo Jumbo Speak

    Hi5 Confirms “Significant” Layoffs, Wraps Them In Mumbo Jumbo Speak

    Earlier today, we heard social network Hi5 was laying off a large number of their remaining employees. When we pinged them about this, we expected the usual “no comment” or simply no response. Instead, here’s what we got from President/CTO Alex St. John: In support of our market strategy to launch next generation social gaming platform by early next year, our operations… Read More

  • Social Gaming Market Reaches Its Final Stage…and It’s Not Looking Pretty

    Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Alex St. John, President and CTO of hi5, on the state of the social gaming market. When Facebook recognized that early social media games were getting a free ride on their network, they shut down the free viral channels these games relied on for audience, started charging market prices for advertising, and demanded a cut of all commerce… Read More

  • Gaming-Focused Social Network hi5 Raises $14 Million

    Gaming-Focused Social Network hi5 Raises $14 Million

    hi5, a gaming-focused social network that most people forgot about long ago, has just closed a new round of funding of over $14 million led by Crosslink Capital. This brings the social network’s funding to over $34 million. This round appears to also include the $3 million in debt funding raised from Mohr Davidow in April. The new funding will be used for hi5’s continued expansion… Read More

  • Social Network hi5 Raises $3 Million In Debt From Mohr Davidow

    hi5, an also ran social network that most people forgot about long ago, has raised $3 million convertible note from existing investor Mohr Davidow. We’ve confirmed the funding, which was raised a year ago, with the company. This brings the social network’s funding up to $38 million. Hi5, which has been actively remodeling its site to cater to the gaming industry, says this funding… Read More

  • hi5 CTO: Zynga Is Mediocre. It Isn't Social, It Just Discovered An Opening For Spam

    Today during a panel on disruptive game platforms at GDC’s GamesBeat, a panel of gaming execs took the stage to talk about the current situation in gaming. The standout speaker so far has been hi5 President and CTO Alex St. John, who has not pulled any punches in his criticisms of Facebook and other companies. Moments ago, he just attacked Zynga, calling its games mediocre and saying… Read More

  • hi5 Acquires Social Gaming Company Big Six

    hi5, one of the world’s most popular social networks, has been actively remodeling its site to cater to the gaming industry. Last fall, the social network launched a totally revamped site that places a much stronger emphasis on games and virtual currency, along with a new avatar system. Today, the company is furthering this strategy with the acquisition of social gaming developer Big Six. Read More

  • World Map Of Social Networks Shows Rise Of Facebook

    Italian writer, blogger and photographer Vincenzo Cosenza has for the second time put together a visualization that shows the most popular social networks around the world on a map, based on the most recent traffic data (December 2009) as measured by Alexa & Google Trends for Websites. The first one, which we featured in June 2009, already painted a picture of Facebook taking over the… Read More

  • Meet The New hi5: It's Game Time

    If there’s been one shining star on social network applications platforms, it’s been casual gaming: Zynga is rumored to be making an absolute killing with their games, and Mochi Media’s unified Flash payment platform has shown some very impressive early results. Now hi5, one of the world’s most popular social networks, is looking to capitalize on the trend. On… Read More

  • OLX And hi5 Join Forces For International Expansion Plans

    OLX and hi5, both challengers to dominating juggernauts in their respective fields (online classifieds and social networking), have teamed up to expose each others’ admittedly vast but geographically spread audience to one another. OLX says it currently boasts 70 million unique visitors each month across 90 countries, largely thanks to existing partnerships with services that have… Read More

  • A Map Of Social (Network) Dominance

    Even on the Web, world dominance must be achieved one country at a time. While Facebook has long been the largest social network in the world, and should soon pass MySpace in the U.S., it is not the largest social network in every country. The map above created by Vincenzo Cosenza resembles more a game of Risk, with Facebook sweeping across the globe from the West. Using Alexa and Google… Read More

  • Modeling The True Value Of Social Networks: 2009 Edition

    A year ago we modeled out the true value of various social networks based on the idea that users in high-value online advertising markets like Japan, the UK and the U.S. were worth more (financially speaking) than those in lower value online advertising markets. Facebook had recently become the largest worldwide social network in terms of users, but based on our model MySpace was still by far… Read More

  • hi5 Adds Chat, With A Social Twist

    Social network hi5 is launching a messaging service, hi5 IM, adding real-time interaction for users. hi5 IM, which is similar to Facebook Chat, Facebook’s instant messaging feature, shows users which friends within their network are online and runs directly in any hi5 user’s browser. Users can send messages, change their status, write updates, post profile comments, and share… Read More

  • In Quest For Real Revenue From Virtual Goods, hi5 Teams Up With PlaySpan

    San Francisco-based hi5, which operates the third largest social networking service in the world, is announcing a partnership with PlaySpan today in an effort to get more revenue out of its 60+ million members strong userbase. PlaySpan, famously founded by a 5th grader two years ago, will henceforth be powering micropayments for virtual goods and premium content sold on the social network. Two… Read More

  • Paymo Strikes Deal With hi5 To Use Mobile Payments For Virtual Goods

    Global mobile payments network Paymo and social network hi5 have partnered to let members in 24 countries use their mobile phones to purchase hi5 Coins, hi5’s virtual currency. Countries where Paymo will be made available to hi5 users include the U.S., Canada, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Russia and Colombia. Paymo’s mobile payment system doesn’t require users to have a… Read More

  • ShopIt Acquires Triana Global, Launches Ad Network For Social Networks

    ShopIt, a social commerce platform that enables people to set up an online store and sell goods through a variety of social networking services, has finished integrating its recently acquired Triana Global publisher network and relaunching it as ShopIt Media, another social advertising platform. Like many others, Triana Global claims to have been one of the first ad networks that started… Read More

  • Social Playtime: hi5 Adds Casual Gaming Section

    That other social network boasting tens of millions of members worldwide, hi5, is launching hi5 Games today, adding casual games like sports, arcade, strategy and cards to its roster of social entertainment initiatives catered to some 60 million unique monthly users. The social networking service says hi5 Games will become an important part of its monetization strategy, with the help of… Read More

  • Top Social Media Sites of 2008 (Facebook Still Rising)

    What were the top social media sites of 2008? ComScore came out with its worldwide traffic stats for November a few days ago (so these don’t include December). They are a mix of social networks and blogging platforms. Blogger, the orange line in the chart above, still rules the roost with an estimated 222 million unique worldwide visitors in November (up 44 percent from November, 2007). Read More

  • Hi5 Hopes To Make Real Coin With Virtual Gifts

    Social networks need to find a way to make money fast. Online advertising never really worked well on social networks in the first place, and with online advertising feeling the same pressure as everything else in the economy, new sources of revenue must be found. Internationally-oriented social network hi5 is turning to virtual gifts, which can be bought with virtual coins that members buy… Read More