• hField Wi-Fire review

    It’s been a few years since Wi-Fi became essentially ubiquitous but there are still a few areas where the average consumer isn’t served. Sure, there are lots of great routers and Wi-Fi cards of all stripes, including beasts that run at 802.11n speeds and have ranges of five billion miles, give or take a few billion. But there are are a few places — high-quality USB adapters… Read More

  • hField Wi-Fire: Steal Someone's Internets From 1,000 Feet Away

    If you’re cheap like me then the Wi-Fire is something you should look into for your Internet needs. I can see at least 15 networks around my apartment, but most are encrypted or the signal is too weak. Thanks to this fancy compact range-extending USB device I was able to pick up signals as far as 1,000 feet away. Another month without having to pay for Internet, awesome. It’s… Read More