• Heyzap Brings Social Discovery And Check-In For Games To The iPhone

    Heyzap, a social discovery platform for mobile and online games, announced today that it’s zapping its way onto the iPhone just in time for WWDC 2011, Apple’s developer conference. The startup will be extending its fast-growing Android community (which launched in March) and has been doubling in size every month since. The startup’s new iPhone app will detect recent gameplay… Read More

  • HeyZap Goes After Social Discovery, Launches Check-in For Mobile Games

    Heyzap, a monetization and distribution platform for online casual games, announced today that it’s going mobile. Launching a social discovery application for mobile games on Android, the startup will be bringing the 1.6 million users it has already accumulated on its social gaming platform over to mobile. The company aims to build on its foray into social gaming last year, when it… Read More

  • MyYearbook Introduces Realtime Social Gaming With Video Chat

    In general, the key driver of social networking so far is games on Facebook. But most of those games aren’t social in the way that playing Monopoly or cards with your friends and family over the holidays is social. MyYearbook, which is a small but profitable social network focussing on younger teenage users, is going to try to make online games more social by getting its members to… Read More

  • HeyZap Launches Support For HTML5 Games

    HeyZap, a startup that offers game developers a distribution platform and a variety of social tools, is looking to stay ahead of the curve: the company, which has been focused exclusively on Flash games until now, is adding support for HTML5 games. HTML5 is still something of a novelty when it comes to gaming — we’ve seen demos like Quake running in the browser, but the vast… Read More

  • Heyzap Arcade Allows Publishers To Easily Add An Interactive Gaming Portal To Websites

    Many publishers want to add social games to their sites but widgets aren’t customizable enough. And tapping into an API may be too complicated for less tech savvy publishers. Heyzap, a startup that distributes casual and social games across the web through a set of APIs, applications, and widgets, is launching a new product today, called Heyzap Arcade, that allows anyone to add games… Read More

  • HeyZap Lands Another $3 Million In Funding

    HeyZap, a startup that distributes casual and social games across the web through a set of APIs, applications, and widgets, has closed another $3 million in funding from Union Square Ventures, with participation from Naval Ravikant (Hitforge) and Chris Dixon (Founder Collective). Ravikant and Albert Wenger of USV will be joining the board.  HeyZap previously received funding from Y… Read More

  • HeyZap Launches A 'Meebo Bar' For Social Games

    Web publishers looking to capitalize on the growth in social and casual gaming just got an easier way to integrate them into their sites. HeyZap, a platform that helps syndicate social and casual games and also offers expanded features like achievements, has just launched its Social Games Bar. The bar is similar in appearance to the Meebo Bar — it sits at the bottom of the browser… Read More

  • HeyZap Now Lets Social Games Expand Beyond Facebook's Walls

    HeyZap, the startup that makes it easy for publishers to integrate casual games into their sites, is entering a very hot new territory today: social gaming. The company has partnered with fifteen social game developers, and will be integrating their games into the HeyZap widget over the next few weeks. That’s significant, because it means that these games will be available on the… Read More

  • Heyzap Brings Xbox Live-Style Achievements To Flash Gaming

    One of the long-standing problems with Flash games is that they often have a very short shelf life: you may play for a few minutes when you’re bored, but there’s nothing to really keep you coming back for more. Today HeyZap, the startup that offers a platform for monetizing and distributing Flash games, is looking to help developers with that problem by bringing the… Read More

  • HeyZap Helps Flash Games Go Viral With New API, Launches Analytics Too

    Social gaming companies like Zynga and Playdom have proven that casual/social gaming can be an extremely lucrative business. But their success can’t be solely attributed to the quality of their games — they’re also finely tuned to maximize their virality. Users are often asked to invite their friends to join them, or publish stories to their accounts on Facebook, Twitter… Read More

  • Come2Play Offers A Virtual Economy In A Box For Multi-User Games

    It’s well known that casual games are popular among mainstream Web users. However, when you’re a publisher maintaining a community, you want to go beyond engaging each user separately and increase total engagement in bulk by connecting users with each other. Enter multi-player casual games. Israeli startup Come2Play, which we’ve described as the Ning of social gaming… Read More