• HelloTXT Launches Fun Social Dashboard Apps For iOS, Android

    HelloTXT, a product from mobile media and technology company Buongiorno, is just one of many mobile and Web applications one can use for updating various social networks from a single interface. It is, nevertheless, a smooth and mighty fine one. The company has just announced a slew of improvements across all supported platforms, including for iPhone, iPad, Android and its Web app. Read More

  • Hellotxt adds multilingual support to its ping system for socnets

    Two year old Hellotxt, a similar service to Ping.FM where you can update many social networks form one place, is slowly extending itself. It now has an Android app, where you can watch and post to Facebook, Twitter, Posterous, Blogger, WordPress.com and many other networks. But I have Tweetdeck for that I hear you say. Well, yes and no. Hellotxt also has a “Smart Feed” where you… Read More

  • Hellotxt brings its social dashboard to Android

    Hellotxt has launched a version of its ‘social dashboard’ for Android. The app’s main feature is to offer an aggregated view of a user’s social networking activity on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, functionality that isn’t too dissimilar to the kind of thing that HTC’s Sense or Motorola’s MotoBlur provide as a way to differentiate their… Read More