Prosecutors charge Russian accused of hacking JP Morgan, Dow Jones

New York prosecutors have extradited a Russian hacker accused of breaking into JP Morgan, one of the world’s largest banking institutions. Moscow resident Andrei Tiurin, 35, was charged Friday

Firefox now supports the newest internet security protocol

Last Friday, the Internet Engineering Task Force released the final version of TLS 1.3. This is a major update to TLS 1.2, the security protocol that secures much of the web by, among other things, pr

Apple says its developer service was affected by a bug not a security breach

Apple has explained that an issue that briefly affected developer accounts today was caused by a bug and not a security breach as some had speculated. Earlier today (Wednesday), handfuls of reports ca

The four cybersecurity terms everyone is talking about at Black Hat

Here are four cybersecurity terms that will root many conversations, both on the expo floor and among experts and analysts in the briefing rooms at Black Hat.

Mozilla launches new fund to help prevent the next Heartbleed

Mozilla today announced that it is launching the Secure Open Source (SOS) Fund to help make open source code more secure. The fund, which will get an initial grant $500,000 from the Mozilla Open Sour

Hyping vulnerabilities is no longer helping application security awareness

I fear that overhyping minor vulnerabilities by branding them, pushing the topic with the media and yes, pre-announcing them will cause people to go numb to these announcements.

CoreOS Launches Clair, An Open-Source Tool For Monitoring Container Security

CoreOS, the company behind the popular lightweight Linux distribution for data center deployments with the same name, has recently made a big bet on containers. Today, the company is launching Clair,

Google Launches Project Zero To Find Security Bugs In Third-Party Software

Google today announced that it is launching Project Zero, an internal team of security specialists tasked with finding vulnerabilities in third-party software -- not to exploit them, but to alert the

The Internet Is Burning

Online security is a horrifying nightmare. <a href="https://techcrunch.com/tag/heartbleed/">Heartbleed</a>. <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/12/19/target-confirms-point-of-sale-data-breach-announc

Facebook, Google, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, VMware And The Linux Foundation Form New Initiative To Prevent The Next Heartbleed

The OpenSSL Heartbleed disaster definitely opened up many people's eyes to how underfunded and understaffed many of the open source projects the web relies on are. To prevent the next Heartbleed, Face

US Government Will Detail Internet Exploits, Except When It Doesn’t Want To

Heartbleed kicked off a new chapter in the rollicking discussion of privacy, digital security, and the role of government in protecting its citizenry from threats both real and imagined. News of He

Gillmor Gang: Deep Bench

The Gillmor Gang — Dan Farber, Kevin Marks, Semil Shah, Robert Scoble, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor — Heartbleed security hole, changing landscape of Twitter notifications, Brendan Eich's exit f

Report: NSA Exploited Heartbleed For Years. NSA: No

Update: An account associated with the NSA tweeted out a quick denial: “Statement: NSA was not aware of the recently identified Heartbleed vulnerability until it was made public.” So, ei

Heartbleed, The First Security Bug With A Cool Logo

It's been fascinating to watch news of <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2014/04/07/massive-security-bug-in-openssl-could-effect-a-huge-chunk-of-the-internet/">heartbleed, the massive OpenSSL exploit</a

What Bitcoin Users Need To Know About Heartbleed

If you're using a bitcoin wallet or an online wallet or exchange, Heartbleed could be a very real problem for you and your BTC. Luckily, things have finally settled down after a few days of panic and

What Is Heartbleed? The Video

You've probably heard about Heartbleed. You've probably been told that, as far as security vulnerabilities go on the Internet, it's pretty damned scary. But what <em>is</em> Heartbleed? How does it

OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Leaves Much Of The Internet At Risk

A large chunk of the Internet is broken at the moment. OpenSSL, used by a host of companies and services to encrypt their data, contained a flaw for two years that, if exploited, allowed external par

Massive Security Bug In OpenSSL Could Affect A Huge Chunk Of The Internet

I saw a t-shirt one time. “I’m a bomb disposal technician,” it read. “If you see me running, try to keep up.” The same sort of idea can be applied to net security: when a