• Razer’s Tiamat Headset Uses 10 Drivers To Produce 7.1 Sound

    Razer’s Tiamat Headset Uses 10 Drivers To Produce 7.1 Sound

    Very few headsets out there are “true” surround sound. Most are traditional stereo headphones with “virtual surround sound” — a process that adds depth and directionality, but delivers it through two speakers. Headphones like Tritton’s and Psyko’s actually use multiple drivers to simulate being in a room with, say, five speaker channels and a subwoofer. Read More

  • Harman Releases GHS-1 Gaming Headphones For Cool Gamers Only

    Are you amazingly cool? Are you a gamer? Well you’d better get out $80 because the GHS 1 gaming headphones from Harman are for you. First, they have AKG sound and passive noise cancellation along with a parabolic boom mic. But that’s not the good part. Every pair of headphones has that junk. Read More

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones: Denon, Able Planet, & AKG Models Compared

    Noise canceling headphones are a must. A must, I say. There is no way I’m riding in a disease-riddled airliner and listening to the guy behind me hack up tuberculosis. Hells no. I sit down, don some noise canceling headphones and pray the Almighty makes it painless. Any of the following three headphones feature noise cancellation that’s more than adequate but each one fails in… Read More