Apple wants to gather all your medical records in the Health app

Apple announced a new health effort as part of iOS 11.3. The new Health Records section in the Health app lets you gather and view all your medical records. The company is partnering with hospitals an

Apple acquires sleep tracking company Beddit, but its site will stay live

Apple has acquired a sleep tracking hardware and software company, TechCrunch has confirmed. News of the acquisition was first reported by CNBC. In a post on Beddit's privacy policy page, the company

Apple acquired Gliimpse, a personal health data startup

Apple has reportedly acquired health data startup Gliimpse, a company that collects and combines disparate threads of personal health info. Fast Company reports that the acquisition went down earlier

Big data’s humble beginnings

Clicks. Once upon a time they were the most powerful tool in assessing online ad performance. A humble beginning, but much has changed. The data-driven measurement and predictive analytics technologie

Here’s How Third-Party Apple Watch Apps Can Track Workouts In watchOS 2

Good news developers: You’re able to create native Watch apps that track a wearer’s activity, and can report back to Health with information about the workout, as well as remain active thr

Here Are All The New Data Types For HealthKit In iOS 9, Including Basal Body Temperature And Ovulation

Apple’s iOS 9 updates for HealthKit will greatly expand the range of data types it can track, with significant additions around monitoring signals vital to tracking female reproductive health es

Apple Stops Ignoring Women’s Health With iOS 9 HealthKit Update, Now Featuring Period Tracking

Apple will at last address a glaring oversight with regard to its Health application and its usefulness to women: in iOS 9, the app will support the ability for women to track their reproductive healt

Apple’s Jeff Williams Says Native Watch SDK Will Give Direct Access To Sensors

Jeff Williams, Apple's senior vice president of operations, said that there are over 4,000 apps now available for Apple Watch, a number we've previously heard. Williams also discussed the upcoming nat

Fitbit Won’t Work With HealthKit Because It’s Building An Apple Watch Competitor

A few weeks ago, Fitbit publicly admitted that it had no plans to follow the growing crowd of fitness trackers and apps that are rushing to integrate with Apple’s HealthKit and Health app. In respon

This Bluetooth-Enabled Temperature Tracker Will Tell You The Optimal Time For Baby-Making

Husband and wife team Anna Mayer and Daniel Graf were both professionals in their early 30's when they decided they wanted to start a family. However, that proved a lot more difficult than they though

Passive Fitness Tracking App Human Showcases Where HealthKit Shines

The Human app has been on the App Store for a while now. But this beautifully designed passive activity app received a major update that showcases how some of the main new features in iOS 8 can be use

Apple Pulls iOS 8.0.1 Update After Bug Knocks Out Cell Service And Touch ID On iPhone 6 Models

Update: Apple has pulled the iOS 8.0.1 update from availability, a fix is likely incoming. For now, it appears to only affect iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users. An Apple spokesperson provided us with t

Apple Cauterizing HealthKit At Launch Shows How High The Stakes Are 

Last week, in the fevered cauldron of iPhone 6/6+ reviews, iOS 8 rolling out and shiny new iPhone hardware going on sale it was easy to miss the glitch in Apple's oh-so-choreographed release matrix: a

HealthKit Gets Some New Tricks Thanks To Apple’s M8 Chip Including Stair Climbing Stats

At its event today, Apple has revealed more details about its health and fitness data play. Apple formally introduced HealthKit in June at its WWDC developer event which previewed iOS 8 to its dev

How Apple’s HealthKit Could Offer General Wellbeing As A Platform Advantage

Apple's HealthKit is coming in iOS 8, and reports about the current beta version of the software paint it mostly as an empty vessel waiting for developers to build hooks that connect their data to the

Compromise Will Shape The Wearables Market

Just as fitness apps and wearables are gaining real traction, the introduction of Android Wear is giving consumers their first maybe-viable smartwatches. In the coming months and years, this new categ

Fitness App Usage Is Growing 87% Faster Than The Overall App Market

A new report from Flurry Analytics shows that health and fitness apps are growing at a faster rate than the overall app market so far in 2014. The analytics firm looked at data from more than 6,800 ap

Apple CEO Tim Cook Described As Less Hands-On, More Interested In Broad Implications With iWatch

Apple CEO Tim Cook is the subject of a new profile in the New York Times today, and the profile includes plenty of background information about the executive and his commitment to human rights and env

Survival Of The Digital Fittest

In just under two weeks from now at Google I/O, Google will announce wearable fitness functionality that Apple announced at WWDC. Next year at WWDC, Apple will announce wearable fitness functionality

Apple iWatch Coming In October With Curved OLED Screen And Health Tracking, Says Nikkei

Apple revealed a lot of news at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference this year, but it didn’t discuss or show off any iWatch. Still, a new report from Japanese newspaper the Nikkei says th
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