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The crackdown on pixel tracking in telehealth is a warning for every startup

Healthcare firms are scrambling to reassess how their websites collect user data following HHS' web-tracking crackdown — and your startup could be next.

Ultrahuman busts out a smart ring to decode metabolic health

Indian fitness platform Ultrahuman is expanding its wearable portfolio by launching a smart ring to boost its ability to provide tech loving ‘biohackers’ — and, it hopes, health-conc

Cue Draws In $7.5M For Its Health Tracking Lab-In-A-Box

San Diego-based startup Cue believes the future of personal health fits in a small plastic box that -- linked up to a smartphone or tablet -- will give consumers the ability to monitor and quantify th

BITalino’s Next-Gen Sensors Squeeze The Costs of Building Connected Health Apps

Developers wanting to build apps that monitor and respond to human bio-signals should point their eyes at this Kickstarter project. BITalino (r)evolution is the follow up to last year's modular kit of

Withings Updates Its Pulse Activity Tracker With Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Withings pretty much nailed the activity tracker with the Pulse activity tracker, which features a built-in heart rate sensor that uses pulse oximetry (just like the Galaxy S5). Now, it has updated th

One Week With Whistle’s New Activity Tracker For Dogs

Considering we humans now have a slew of gadgets, apps and products at our disposal that allow us to track and monitor our health and daily activity, it was only a matter of time before our best frien

Quantified Work: Meet Stir, A Former iPod Engineer’s Smart, Health-Tracking And Height-Adjustable Desk

If you're anything like me, you spend too much of your day at your desk, in front of your computer. During busy days -- especially once you go deep into "the zone" -- it's easy for a few hours to fly

On A Mission To Build The Next Big Pet Brand, Whistle Launches A $99 Fitbit (And Health Monitor) For Pooches

Yes, it's become exceedingly clear that the Internet has entered into a prodigious, lascivious (and hilarious) relationship with cats. But, at the end of the day, when it comes to the title of "Man/Wo

Glooko Receives FDA Clearance For Its Mobile Diabetes Tracker, Hires Intuit Health Exec As Its First CEO

Back in September, <a target="_blank" href="">Glooko</a> announced the release of a new version of its iOS app, a digital logbook which helps people with diabetes track their blo

Following Fitbit’s New Wristband, Basis Unveils First Android App, To Go Live In March; iOS To Follow

Quantified Self enthusiasts are getting their fair share of excitement at CES this week. <a target="_blank" href="">Basis</a> first unveiled its intriguing health-tracking watch

Aiming To Be A Full-Service Fitness Platform, Runtastic Launches New Indoor App Suite; Hits 14M Downloads

Thanks to MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, Nike and many more, apps that keep track of your exercise and push you to drop those extra pounds are by no means novel. Nonetheless, bootstrapped European startup <