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Apple wants to gather all your medical records in the Health app

Apple announced a new health effort as part of iOS 11.3. The new Health Records section in the Health app lets you gather and view all your medical records. The company is partnering with hospitals an

Putting data back into the hands of owners

Ever wondered why your physician owns the information from your blood work? Or why your dentist owns your x-rays. Or some financial services company owns your credit information? Most people forget th

Patient Access And Control: The Future Of Chronic Disease Management?

Sufferers of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the United States are among the more active practitioners of disease self-management. It involves, among other disciplines, rigorous self-monitoring of blo

Prime Takes On The Challenging Task Of Bringing Your Health Records To Mobile

The founders of <a target="_blank" href="">Prime</a>, a mobile app promising an easier way to securely collect all your health records from various physicians into a single

Communication is the Most Important Medical Instrument

"A good scalpel makes a better surgeon. Good communication makes a better doctor.” The future of medicine in the U.S. is clear. The days of the "do more, bill more" model of reimbursement are number

Free Electronic Medical Records Service Practice Fusion Raises $23 Million

<img src="" /> <a href="">Practice Fusion</a>, a web-based electronic medical records and hea