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CareCloud raises $31.5 million in Series C for its cloud health care management platform

CareCloud, the revenue management and health IT platform, announced it has raised $31.5 million in strategic Series C financing from The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc., First Data Corporation and

Meet The Three Most Fund-able Health Companies From The DC To VC Showcase

Today, <a target="_blank" href="">Morgenthaler Ventures</a> and <a target="_blank" href="">Health 2.0</a> concluded its <a target="_blank" href="h

Healthy Consumers And The Future Of The Patient-Physician Relationship

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em>Michelle Snyder is executive in residence at <a target="_blank" href="">InterWest Partners</a> focusing on the transformative role that mobile, social

Castlight Lands A Whopping $100M D Round To Bring Transparency To Healthcare Costs

Founded in 2008, San Francisco-based <a href="">Castlight</a> has been at the forefront of the movement to bring price transparency and comparison tools to healthcare, o

Aetna: The Company Scaring Its Competition And Delighting Startups

Whither health insurance? A former medical advisor to the Obama Administration who happens to be the brother of former Presidential Chief of Staff predicted in the New York Times that by 2020 health i

Communication is the Most Important Medical Instrument

"A good scalpel makes a better surgeon. Good communication makes a better doctor.” The future of medicine in the U.S. is clear. The days of the "do more, bill more" model of reimbursement are number

WWJD? The CEO Every Healthcare Leader Should Learn From

As healthcare goes through massive changes, health system CEOs would be well advised to study what newspaper industry leaders did (or perhaps more appropriately, didn’t do) when faced with a similar

Why It’s Good News HealthIT is So Bad

I know of no industry where technology is as despised as it is in healthcare. It's telling that it took government money to incentivize healthcare providers to finally do what virtually every other in

The Rise of Nimble Medicine

In the New Yorker, Dr. Atul Gawande outlined how, at the turn of the 20th century, more than forty per cent of household income went to paying for food and food production consumed nearly half the wor

Healthcare Field of Dreams In Idaho: Health System Opens Innovation Center

Fifteen years ago the Internet was revolutionizing global communications and computing so companies were looking for the most advanced markets to test their technologies. Locales such as Korea and Sin

DIY Health Reform: Employers Solving Healthcare Crisis One Onsite Clinic At A Time

In several of my <a href="" target="_blank">past pieces</a>, I have written about the importance of a disruptive model of care and payment called Dire

The Declaration of Insurance Independence

<img src="" /> The scale of the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Health Reform movement is dramatically bigger than I