• Sony Ericsson announces a trio of bluetooth headsets

    Joining the list of other products announced by Sony Ericsson at their press event in Singapore are three Bluetooth headsets: the HBH-PV715, 720, and 740. No pricing announced, hittin’ the shelves in Q4 08. Read More

  • Bluetrek Blizz: A tiny, tiny Bluetooth headset for small-minded people

    [photopress:blizz.IMG_1619.JPG,full,pp_image] This tiny headset charges via your USB port and can hold a MicroSD card for storage, just like a USB key. It includes a little USB cable and a car charger. Bluetrek sells quite a bit of product in the US now and this should be arriving on our shores shortly once they sew up a distribution deal. The storage part of the device makes some sense… Read More

  • Hey there Mr. Man, don't you look smart with your neck-mounted Bluetooth headset?

    Power suit, power tie, American Express card, neck-mounted Bluetooth headset. That’s the ticket right there, folks. The RoadRunner Bluetooth headset with larynx microphone suppresses noise harder than a Fortune 500 company suppresses its cube-dwellers into a life of mundane paper shuffling and mandatory happy hours. Your voice is transmitted directly from your voice box so the headset is… Read More

  • AirDrives for iPhone now available

    Now we’re talking. Back in July, yours truly did a post on the new AirDrives headphones — you know, the headphones that basically sit on the outside of your ear “eliminating the need to choose between music and social interaction” — and I mused that they might be better positioned as workout headphones. Well, Mad Catz has gone a step in what I believe to be… Read More

  • Media Alert: Bluetooth headsets are good for those who drive cars!

    [photopress:Bluetooth_Headset.jpg,full,center] Massachusetts is likely going to be the next state to adopt headset-while-driving laws for cellphone users, but it’s the Boston Globe that takes the award for breaking it down into simple, bite-sized pieces with this headline: Headsets may come in handy for drivers Thank you, Boston Globe for that hard-hitting journalism. Other articles of… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: V-MODA VIBE DUO iPhone Headset

    If you gots the iFone and you don’t likes the white earbudses, get you some V-MODA DUO’s. These in-ear earbuds are amazing: they fit the iPhone perfectly, they have a usable click button for pausing music and picking-up calls, and they look much cooler than the standard Apple buds. $89.99 online. Read More

  • Iqua Solar-powered Bluetooth headset

    I have three small Bluetooth headsets sitting in my desk, all out of batteries. One is rechargeable, two take AAA cells. I’m too lazy to find the power cord for the one and buy batteries for the other two. Pathetic? Yes. Still, I want to buy a fourth Bluetooth headset. One I could keep on the dashboard of my non-existent car and never have to worry about recharging. The BHS-602 from… Read More

  • Fancy Bluetooth Headsets From Nokia

    Besides the aforementioned Nav system, Nokia has announced two Bluetooth headsets to suffice your…Bluetooth…headset needs. The BH-902 (pictured above) and BH-903 both have an OLED display and boast eight and 15 hour talktimes respectively. The 902’s display alerts you to MMS or SMS messages. If you don’t want to look like a tool then be sure to use the included… Read More

  • BlueAnt: SuperToof

    BlueAnt has a few hot devices out this CTIA. The first is the Supertooth Light, a $99 car system with mini microphone and comparatively easy set up. The Supertooth mounts to your sun visor and lasts 15 hours of talk time or 800 hours of standby, which means it can hang out up there until the next presidential administration. Read More

  • Plantronics Adds DSP to Bluetooth Headsets

    Bluetooth headsets suck. When wearing one, you look like a douche. I don’t care who you are, you will look like a douche. That does not mean that they are not getting better. There are times and places (private places) where using one is OK, and if you’re going to use one, having digital signal processing is better than not. See, it takes the noise coming in and out, and filters… Read More

  • Cingular Goes For The Jawbone

    Cingular customers looking for a decent Bluetooth headset can now rejoice. Cingular announced today that it’ll be carrying Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headset. It comes in a jet black, modern design and packs military-spec noise cancellation. Basically, they jacked some secrets from the US military to offer noise cancellation that adapts to your surroundings. So if you’re in… Read More

  • It's Bluetooth Music Month!

    In case you’re one of the two people on this planet that hasn’t heard, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has declared November “Bluetooth Music Month.” What should you do to celebrate? Well you should start by buying yourself a cell phone with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) that lets you download songs to your phone and listen to… Read More

  • Turtle Beach's Ear Force X1 Headset Reviewed: A Long Cord Is A Good Thing

    Back at the beginning of October, I mentioned the release of Turtle Beach’s Ear Force X1 Headset for gaming. While there are plenty of gaming headsets on the market, I like the X1’s combination of features such as the in-line amplifier for control over game volume and the mic and the ability to connect into both your Xbox and PC. ExtremeTech tested them out recently and enjoyed… Read More