Amazon is looking for a 2nd headquarter city, a ‘full equal to Seattle’

Amazon has made a name for itself as a giant in e-commerce, logistics and cloud services both for businesses and consumers. Now it’s embarking on a big move to expand its corporate presence, too

Samsung Moves In On Apple’s Turf As Construction Starts On Its New Silicon Valley Headquarters

Samsung will break ground on its <a target="_blank" href="http://www.nbbj.com/work/samsung-america-headquarters/">new U.S. headquarters in San Jose this week</a>. Designed by architecture firmĀ <a tar

Apple’s Spaceship Campus Faces Delay, Won’t Take Off Until 2016

Apple's ambitious new second campus, which looks like a spaceship design straight out of Hollywood, is being delayed according to new info from Bloomberg. The huge circular new headquarters won't be f