HDI 3D Projectors Look Like Something Aliens Gave Us

<a HREF="http://www.hdi3d.com/products.html">HDI makes high-end projectors</a> and this $55,000, 300-inch 3D projector is one of their products. The projectors come in multiple styles and types (these

HD DVD camp forms group to promote interactivity

Say hello to the new Advanced Interactivity Consortium. Its goal is to promote "superior interactivity for a wide range of next-generation consumer devices, digital content and distribution scena

CrunchRumor: HD DVD version of Transformers will be transformable, whatever that means

I’m not sure where I heard this rumor, but if you’re a Transformers fan and you’re set up for the whole HD DVD experience then take heed for this may pique your interest. So ya know how the menu