• Panasonic's new VIERAs boast built-in Skype support, HDDs and Blu-ray recorders

    Panasonic announced [JP] a set of two new VIERA TVs for the Japanese market today, the 37-inch TH-L37R2B and the 32-inch TH-L32R2B. And they somehow managed to squeeze quite a few features and functions into the LCDs, most notably Skype support, a 320 GB HDD and a Blu-ray recorder. Read More

  • Buffalo Japan to release four new SSDs, six HDDs and two NASes

    Buffalo announced a slew of new SSDs [JP], HDDs [JP] and NASes [JP] in Japan today, all of which might soon be available outside this country, too. Available with 32GB ($160)/64GB ($230)/128GB ($440) and 256GB ($840/build-to-order) on board, the four 2.5-inch SSDs are part of the Buffalo SHD-NSU2 series (pictured above). All of these SATA devices support Windows XP/Vista/7 andMac OS X 10.5… Read More

  • Toshiba announces 750GB and 1TB HDDs for notebooks

    Toshiba is releasing one high-capacity HDD after another lately. Today, the company announced [PDF] two new hard discs, which are poised to find their way into our notebooks very soon, the MK7559GSXP (750GB/pictured) and the MK1059GSM (1TB). The 750GB model is the world’s most capacious 2.5-inch/9.5mm high HDD. Toshiba released its predecessor (holding 640GB) back in September last year. Read More

  • Not 3D but pretty, too: Sony's seven new LCD TVs

    Granted, the seven new LCD (non-3D) TVs Sony announced [JP] in Japan today are not as sexy as their 3D counterparts, but they are worth mentioning, too. The new BRAVIAs break down into three series, the NX800, the HX700 and the HDD-equipped BX-30H. In contrast to the 3D TVs presented today, Sony didn’t go into details regarding international sales plans for their 2D models. Read More

  • New Seagate and Dell HDDs with hardware encryption built-in

    “According to the United States FBI, a notebook computer is stolen every 53 seconds.” Also, twenty million kids are eaten by bats every second. That’s not according to the FBI, but it’s still relevant. Moving on, it appears that as the notebooks (of all sizes and persuasions) begin piling up in our society, there are predictably more and more lost. In an effort to… Read More

  • I can't tell if this HDD rack is awesome or budget

    It’s a hard drive rack. You puts your hard drives in the cases, and it stores your datas on the disks. Is hard to understand? Yes, maybe, if there is a switch that lets you choose the RAID mode apparently on the fly. Is it intelligent and starts reorganizing your data, like a Drobo? Or is it dumb, and if you switch modes in the middle of a write, it corrupts your data? Since it costs… Read More

  • Ruggedized, invincible HDDs for cars from Toshiba

    Is there really a market for this kind of storage? I can understand a ruggedized external hard drive for ruggedized laptops and such or bad conditions, but I never really thought too much of the rigors of car drives. But now that I think about it, computers operate in a pretty limited set of conditions, and a car’s internal hard drive for mp3s, GPS data and so on might go from 0 to… Read More

  • TDK still pushing the boundaries of disk density

    I love that the technology TDK has used to increase maximum disk density to 803 gigabits per square inch is called “Tunneling Magneto-Resistance” and its replacement “Current-Perpendicular-to-Plane Giant Magneto-Resistance.” Man, those sound like stuff you buy for your ship in Escape Velocity. The precision and force necessary to reliably etch magnetic information… Read More

  • Tiny, simple, very portable 320GB hard drive from Freecom

    This is a nice little drive that Freecom is launching. Tasteful, simple, even covered in a non-slip rubber finish. And it tips the scales at just over 155g or 5.5oz, which makes it light enough to carry in a purse (or murse). It’s USB2 so it’s fast enough for most tasks and it costs around $90 for the 160GB or probably $140 or so for the 320GB. I want one! Read More

  • Seagate drops a 1.5TB Barracuda HDD

    Not too much to say about this other than yes, it’s big. 7200RPM, 3.5 inches, and a lot of space for all your legitimate and tasteful media. If you’re eco-conscious, however, it’s probably better to go with their new line of 1TB drives, which use much less power. Or, if you’re rich, a few Memoright arrays are the way to go. Read More

  • Drobo's got a posse – a developer posse

    In case the charms of the Drobo aren’t enough for you, Data Robotics has started up a development community for creating apps and extensions for everyone’s favorite RAID-bot. There are already a few things up there, including: UPnP capability for streaming to your 360, media center, or whatever, and a couple utilities to make Drobo more usable on Linux or tweak its behavior in… Read More