Newertech's USB-to-HDD adapter does the trick

[photopress:hddusb_1.jpg,full,center] Upgrading your harddrive is tough. Moving those files around and making sure everything copies is a pain and it’s time consuming. Newertech has something no

Fast 128GB solid state drives coming in April

Solid state drive capacity and availability continues to grow with the announcement of Mtron’s 128GB 1.8-inch SSD. It’ll have maximum read/write speeds of 120MBps and 100MBps, respectively

Mossburg: MacBook Air's SSD option isn't worth the price

We all like the MacBook Air. Well, most of us. I don’t. But if you’re thinking of getting one, and waffling between the HDD and SSD drives, go with the HDD. And don’t take my word fo

Help-Key: How to upgrade the measly HDD on your MacBook

After much deliberation I have decided to just swap out the hard drive on the MacBook rather than letting the existing 60GB drive crap out. I also now don’t feel that my previous ranting on Leop

Seagate drives killing MacBooks

It’s bad enough that my MacBook is running hotter than Hades since I upgraded to Leopard, but the last thing I need is for my HDD to crap out. Luckily my MB does not have a 2.5-inch drive from S

Help-Key: Recovering from a tragic hard drive crash

Computers are evil, vile machines. They’re smarter than they let on, and they like to mess with us lesser humans. That’s why they pick the absolute worst times to crash, and the hard drive

Nintendo denies HDD for Wii, again

It appears that every Wii owners wish of a HDD will not come to fruition. At least that’s what Eric Walter, PR manager for NOA, wants you to think. The way that we look at it is, we really don&#8217

Toshiba Vardia RD-A301 HD DVD Recorder with HDD

Sold your soul to Toshiba and cast Sony into the depths of your own gadget hell? That’s OK, because Toshiba is rewarding its loyal followers with the Vardia RD-A301, a new HD DVD player that&#82

Seagate owners to get 5% refund on HDDs

We don’t normally discuss class action lawsuits here on the Gear, mostly because we’re not fond of fostering the idea that lawyers can do good. In this case, however, you’re very pos

Tivo Expander support, other fun in new Tivo update

Remember yesterday I clued you all in on a mysterious “Tivo Expander” Best Buy leaked on their site? It’s useful now, with Tivo pushing out a service update that allows Tivo HD owner

My Book Tivo "extender" spotted on Best Buy

My DVR is full. Totally full. I’ve been watching “The War” on PBS in HD, recording them all in order. I’m about half-way done, but the 14-hour documentary has pretty much fille

Drobo's bastard, toaster cousin

Imagine that you had a toaster. Now imagine that toaster is a USB-based dock that allows any user to plug a laptop or desktop hard drive into it like a piece of toast and mount it on their PC or Mac.

Transcend external SATA HDDs released

John isn’t excited to be in Japan, but I’m pumped to be in America, I can tell you that much. Transcend is yet another company, making some external hard drives that have a cobalt blue pai

Toshiba Wants To Cram 320GB Into Your Laptop, Awesome

Oh boy, Toshiba. You sure know how to cure a hangover. Toshiba has announced they will begin production on a 2.5-inch 320GB drive in Q4 that is part of the MKxx52SX line of HDDs. Two platters will mak

iMovie '08 Supports HDD, DVD Camcorders, YAY!

Owners of Mac and HDD/DVD camcorders finally have a reason to live or at the very least not to throw either against the wall. Say hello to iLife ’08, iMovie in particular. Your frustrations at A

NEC, Hitachi Announce Water-cooled HDD

NEC and Hitachi’s joint efforts are beginning to materialize some worthwhile products, IMO. What you see above is the first water cooling system for your HDD. Not only is the system ultra quiet at 2

WD Upgrades My Book Line To 2TB

Following the announcement of new GreenPower HDs yesterday, Western Digital has announced that all My Book dual-drive storage models will be available up to 2TB. I don’t think I’ve even approached

Seagate Announces Two 1TB Drives

http://www.podtech.net/player/podtech-player.swf?bc=bb0eb150dad14f4c9aeb9810cb8d1999 Seagate announced a 1TB hard drive today, albeit late, but as they say, “better late than never.” The Barracuda

Samsung's Sexy Hybrid Hard Drive

No, this hybrid hard drive isn’t actually sexy (though it is topless) and it is difficult to get excited about hard drives in general. But, since Samsung’s still an underdog in the categor

Samsung Shipping 1TB HDD

The Samsung we’ve all grown to love is making a strong push to put a foothold into the HDD market with a 1TB drive that is far more superior then anything else available. Poppycock, you say? Not at
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