• Macworld 2008: DLO's HomeDock HD is maybe the most innovative thing we've seen so far

    DLO, makers of so many rad iPod cases and docks we can’t keep track of them all, has outdone itself with its new HomeDock HD. While it’s tempting to say it’s just another iPod dock with video out, that would be incorrect. The HomeDock HD doesn’t just feature HDMI and component out to work better with your HDTV, it also features upconverting technology, meaning it can… Read More

  • Sony's 1080p camcorder HDR-UX20 looks chubby but awesome

    So it records 1080p video and 5.1 Dolby Digital to 8GB of internal memory, a media card of your choosing, or a DVD-R. It has a good Zeiss lens with optical image stabilization. It records to MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 with a variable bitrate and apparently assigns more data to faces by detecting them and altering the regional encoding for that area. So what’s the catch? Not really the price; $1000… Read More

  • Hands on with the Samsung Progressive HD camcorder, SC-HMX10C

    [photopress:IMGP4221.JPG,full,center] Just in time for CES, I received a Samsung HD camcorder to record all of our shenanigans for your viewing pleasure in HD (720p). I dig the 2.7-inch touchscreen LCD and swiveling handle for some reason. We’ll see what this biotch can do in a few days. Read More

  • Netflix + HD monitor = DRM issues

    [photopress:sevensheaven_drm.jpg,full,center] Didn’t see this one coming in any way. Sucks to be Davis Freeberg. When I called them they confirmed my worst fears. In order to access the Watch Now service, I had to give Microsoft’s DRM sniffing program access to all of the files on my hard drive. If the software found any non-Netflix video files, it would revoke my rights to the… Read More

  • GTA IV trailer: Move up, Ladies

    http://www.crunchgear.com/video/player.swf?movie=gta.flv Like a bad case of blue balls. Here’s the latest trailer from Rockstar of the forthcoming (hopefully soon) next installment of the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto series, GTA IV. Enjoy. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Kodak V1253 HD camera plus free AC adapter plus free 1GB memory card for $230, shipped

    Holy crap, this is a big one. Best Buy has the HD-capable Kodak EasyShare V1253 camera with a $50 price break, a free 1GB memory card, a free AC adapter, and free shipping for $229.99. Even I couldn’t pass this one up, so I broke out my little yellow Best Buy card and am now anxiously waiting for this to arrive. You may remember this camera from yesterday, as it’s part of our… Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Sanyo Xacti 720p HD Cam, $299 shipped

    Boy, if you’ve been waiting for hi-def camcorders to get affordable, your wait is over. Amazon is offering this cute little number for $299, which is just about half off the list price of $595. Somehow I doubt you’re getting the quality of a RED or HV20 here, but at three bills anything is a steal. It does 720p and 7-megapixel stills, recording to SD cards. It’s got HDMI out… Read More

  • Canon takes the hassle out of burning Blu-ray discs

    Not that a lot of people even get the chance to have that hassle, but Canon’s always been a forward-looking company. These camera-to-disc recorders are nothing new; it’s been a way for mom and pop to put their DV footage onto DVDs for years, but this sucker is next generation. It takes regular MPEG-2 SD footage like the rest of ’em, but now it also takes HD in the form of… Read More

  • Olympus reveals 360-degree HD Camera

    Sure, they’ve been shooting panoramas since the days of sepia-tone, but it’s never been so easy, and it’s never been so def. Hi-def, that is. This new Olympus gadget shoots full circle within a vertical plane of 50°. The company explains that by optimizing the axisymmetric free-form-surface lens, which apparently is the cylindrical lens element, they were able to achieve… Read More

  • Vudu snubs discs as new format war is Bourne

    Video-on-demand hustlers VUDU are taking the high road in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray battle. Opting to skip discs altogether, they’ve pre-loaded the first two Bourne movies in HD onto every new VUDU being bought, and they’re beaming it out, if you want it and already own their contraption. And they’re offering the final installment of the uber-spy’s thrillogy for the low… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: USB HDTV tuner for $55

    Hey, that’s a hell of a deal for a USB TV tuner that does 1080i HD and includes an antenna. It’s available at eCost right now for the next two days or until they run out. There are only 2 left at the time of this writing, so hurry. Hurry! UPDATE: Looks like they’ve been replenishing the stock periodically, letting it go down to zero available and then putting more up for sale. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32-inch LCD HDTV for $499.98 shipped

    Staples.com has the MAG 32″ Widescreen LCD HDTV for $499.98, which includes shipping. If you’re near a Staples store, “shipping” actually means next business day delivery. Not bad. As for the TV itself, it does 720p/1080i and has a 800:1 contrast ratio with an 8ms response time. Brightness is 500 cd/m2 and your input options include S-Video, 2 composites, VGA, and HDCP. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 32" refurb LCD TV with mount for $399.95

    It takes cahones to purchased refurbished electronics but sometimes you gotta live life on the edge. The bravest among you will be rewarded with a 32-inch LCD TV from Westinghouse that features 1080i HD resolution and a free wall mount. You can bask in the glory of the deal you got on this TV for at least 90 days, at which point the warranty ends. The regular price is $429.95 but use code… Read More

  • Acoustic Research Wireless HD Headphone review

    Acoustic Research’s new 2.4 Ghz wireless headphones offer true 2.1 Sound that is usually so good, you won’t miss using your regular surround speakers. You’ll get the 2.4 Ghz wireless transmitter, a stereo cable, stereo Y adapter cable, AAA batteries, and an AC power adapter. You will have the option of using the batteries or the power adapter for either the headphones… Read More

  • Verizon adds a metric ton of HD channels to FIOS

    In just a little bit, we’re going to hear from Vince about his experiences with Time-Warner cable. Here in Seattle, we don’t have that as an option. I’m stuck with Comcast, for better or worse, but I sure do wish I had Verizon. Comcast has a handful of HD channels, and most of them are crap, (I swear I was watching something at 10 frames per second in “HD”… Read More

  • Gateway 22/24-inch Monitors: I would like to receive a "What! What!" in due time

    You know it’s slow when we’re writing about Gateway HD Widescreen LCD displays, but here goes. The FHD2400 and HD2200 ($349.99) are to widescreen displays that work with most CE devices and has a cool EzTouch bezel with a bunch of sexy buttons. The 2200 has some 1000:1 contrast ratio going on, a 400 cd/m2 brightness, and 3ms refresh rate up in the hizouse as well. Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital: HD and DVD camcorders for cheap

    DemystifyingDigital is a feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of DemystifyingDigital.com There’s no doubt about it, HD and DVD camcorders are the bomb but unless you know which ones are a breeze to use, you could be stuck with an expensive paper weight. (The last time our dad pulled his camcorder out of the closet was during the “exciting” analog days of Hi8.) We took a look… Read More

  • Samsung BD-U5000 dual format player delayed

    Samsung’s attempt at hitting middle ground with the BD-U5000 –instead of siding with either HD-DVD or Blu-ray– has recently been delayed to December in the U.S, and early 2008 for Europe. The claims aren’t confirmed as Samsung wouldn’t be too proud of missing the critical holiday shopping time-frame, but don’t hold your breath if you want this under your… Read More

  • Dell Launching Fancy 20-inch LCD Tomorrow?

    A hot Dell rumor? Oh yeah, baby. The word on the street and by street I mean the Interwebs is that Dell will launch a brand spanking new LCD tomorrow at 12PM Central Time. The SP2008WFP will be the first flat panel monitor with an integrated webcam (2-megapixels) and mic. The 20-inch widescreen display will not only take pics and video, but it’s rumored to do fancy tasks like remote… Read More

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