Vudu now has over 1,100 HD movie titles, including 150 HDX titles making it the King of HD titles

Vudu’s HD catalog is officially the largest available from any service and even surpasses physical media. In the month of October Vudu added over 150 HD titles per week to reach this historical mile

Sound & Vision lists the top 7 HD shows – Do you agree?

Sound & Vision has a list of what they feel are the top high definition shows this fall. CSI: Miami Pushing Daisies The Mentalist Heros True Blood The Office Dexter While I don’t disagree wi

Roku Neflix Box getting HD streaming by end of '08

Now that a Samsung Blu-ray player, Xbox 360, and TiVo can stream Netflix, the original device by Roku is trying to make people remember that it’s still around by stating that it will be able to

Onkyo announces THX-certified 7.1-channel speaker system

Today, the HT-S9100THX system was announced and it has its sights set on HD theater buffs across the country. The 7.1-channel system (130W/channel) includes THX’s Loudnes Plus technology and comes w

HD TV shows from all four major networks on iTunes

Fire up iTunes and you’ll find, for the first time, TV shows from the four major networks (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox) in HD. It’s still $2.99 per HD episode, and that includes a standard-def v

Reggie kills that pesky Wii HD in 2011 rumor

In Reggie we trust, right? Hope so, but he just killed quite the rumor in a recent interview. The president and COO of Nintendo told VentureBeat that the rumored Wii HD, “penned” for 2011, is a jo

Vudu officially announces full HD service, HDX

Well, look at that. We caught wind of HDX last month and today Vudu made their full high definition content service official. HDX is aimed directly at HD aficionados with 1080p screens larger than 42-

Amazing footage from the Canon 5D Mark II

This video from Vincent Laforet.com essentially turns the value proposition of an HD video camera on its head. If a DSLR can do this amazing work, why bother picking up a camcorder?

Scarlet and RED Epic getting total reboot

What the hell?! I think Jim Jannard took some peyote at Photokina and brought his laptop. He’s posted on the forums saying everything’s going pineapples for Scarlet and RED Epic. We have c

HP announces High-Def notebooks, HDX X16 and HDX X18

Building on their cavalcade of notebooks announced a few months ago, HP whipped out two entertainment-focused notebooks today. The biggest draw for both the HDX 16 and HDX18 are their 16:9 HD displays

Ikonoskop A-cam dll: tiny, uncompressed 1080p for pros

The options for shooting hi-def video are getting more and more diverse, and this thing is a good example of that. What exactly is this shape? Well, although the design might not win any awards (well,

Free HD NBC episodes on iTunes

Just in case you missed the brief announcement a couple days ago, HDTV shows are now on iTunes. Yup, and NBC is back giving away an episode of its best shows. All you need is iTunes 8. Battlestar Gala

Buffalo stuffs full HD resolution into a 22-inch LCD

If you’ve researched LCD displays in the past, you’ll have likely come across the resolution gap between most 22- and 24-inch LCD monitors. Most 22-inch monitors seem to be at a pretty sweet price

Belkin FlyWire Transmitter: Transmits HD from anywhere

The FlyWire is an HD streamer that sends 1080p content to any TV, anywhere, from an HD source. Built-in IR blasters allow you to send control signals to any CE device including Blu-Ray players and rec

Mitsubishi announces trio of 1080p projectors

CEDIA is set to begin tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean companies won’t be announcing products today. Mitsubishi just announced two Diamond Series 1080p projectors, HC7000U (pictured) and HC6500U, w

Sony launches T500 Cyber-shot – HD video and more

My goodness, there has been a lot of digital cameras launched within the last few days. Nikon, Canon and now Sony. This firm’s latest sports a 10.1 megapixel paired up with a 5x optical zoom and

Wired finally goes all out on the RED

I have to say, the Wired I used to love would have covered the RED camera about two years ago when it was all buzz, phantom tech, and prototype sensors, and not now when it is essentially an establish

Vudu: 1,000 HD titles coming along with a lifetime content warranty

Vudu has big plans for their IP-based content delivery service. Big plans and we don’t mean that .99 cent rental thing.  “In a very short time we’ll have 1,000 HD titles,” say

If you care, CNN is broadcasting the entire DNC in HD

The boob tube has been squawking lately about some big political event next week in Denver. If you plan on tuning in, Multichannel News is reporting that CNN plans on broadcasting the entire shebang i

Blu-ray 'Essential Holiday Collection' puts us in the Christmas spirit

Three of the best Christmas flicks, and Elf, are coming from Warner later this year to your Blu-ray player. The set includes, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, A Christmas Story, The Polar
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