HD radio

HD Radio gets smaller, more popular

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/hdraddd.jpg" />Get ready, 2010 might just end up being the year of HD radio. Rumor is that we're going to see something like eight new po

Rolls-Royce joins Volvo in exclusive club

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/rolls.jpg" alt="rolls" width="620" height="401" />The 2010 Rolls-Royce model line has something very distinctly in common with all new Vo

Review: Insignia NS-ND01 portable HD radio

If you have been waiting for a portable HD radio, I have bad news for you. The Insignia NS-ND-01 is a joke. It feels and looks like a generic MP3 player from 2001. Even worse, it doesn’t work we

A portable HD Radio for your troubles, sir?

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/hdraddd.jpg" /> This is the portable radio that's supposed to rescue HD Radio from obscurity. It was <a HREF="http://www.orbitcast.com/a

HD Radio coming to Audi lineup – eventually

HD Radio seems to be drifting along, picking up supports in a leisurely fashion with Audi being the latest manufacturer to pick up the format. The alleged next-gen radio technology should be sta

HD Radio finds its way into high-end AV receivers

We just got word that HD Radio is finding some friends at the CEDIA Expo. The hybrid-digital format hasn’t exactly been a smash hit, so hopefully the format’s new buddies will provide a bo

August: Coby HDR-700 portable HD Radio

HD Radio is still around, for some reason, but at least there’s a portable unit on the way. This August, for the low, low price of $150, you could buy the COBY HDR-700, a rather squarish-looking

CrunchDeals: HD radio for $39.99 after $50 rebate

Remember high-definition radio? It’s still around. If you want to experience high-definition radio, now’s your chance. The iLuv i68 HD Radio with Dual Alarm Clock can be yours for only $39.99 afte

Pioneer says HD Radio succcess should be decided by open market, not forced inclusion

IBiquity, the company behind HD Radio, is making enemies all over the place, the latest of which is Pioneer. The Japan-based corp, which makes the popular Inno, recently told the FCC [PDF] that iBiqui

Is HD Radio waving or drowning? Depends on who you ask

[photopress:hdhdhdradio.jpg,full,center] The basic problem with HD Radio is that, no matter how crystal clear you make radio sound, it’s still radio. Commercial radio, on the whole, is absolute

JBL iPod Alarm Clock with HD Radio Inside

Product Name: JBL On Time 200ID, On Time 400IHD Description: The On Time 200ID lets you wake up to your iPod, iPhone, radio, or a buzzer. It also has a 1/8th-inch line input for connecting other audio

Apple readying for iTunes Tagging-HD Radio push

Announced back in September, iTunes Tagging is a way for listeners of HD Radio to take a song they’ve heard on the radio, mark it with the appropriate metadata (that’s then synced to your

HD Radi-who? An HD Radio Buyer's Guide makes HD radio actually look interesting

I’m a satellite radio guy but that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to regular radio now and again. Thanks to HD radio, you can now listen to commercials, Soulja Boy, and commercials 24/7

Sony Enters HD Radio Market With XDR-S3HD, Some Other Thing

If you were holding out on HD Radio until Sony got in the game (those of you that didn’t run out and buy Cambridge’s radio), your wait is officially over. Sony announced that it’s to

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD Review

HD Radio isn’t exactly spreading like wildfire. But if you’ve experienced it, you know it offers clearer sound and more channels than regular analog radio, and for nothin’ — ex

Best Buy To Carry HD Radio Receivers

Though HD Radio is still in its infancy, it’s a technology that will eventually catch on in the following years as long as the support is there for it. Best Buy has now started stocking HD Radio

Cambridge SoundWorks Radio 820HD: HD Radio In All Its Splendor

HD Radio. Yeah, I’ve never listened to it either, but Cambridge SoundWorks apparently still has faith in it, what with its new Radio 820HD and all. It looks remarkably similar to its iPod dock&#

Boston Acoustics Receptor Radio: It's HD

Sure it costs $300, doesn’t have a CD player and high definition radio probably isn’t available in your area, but who cares?! It’s HD capable, and what’s more important than be