HD cameras

  • Another RED tease – ports spied

    Another taste. You may be getting tired of these little peeks, but I think they’re just dandy. Looks like a couple XLR ports (labeled “Push” probably because they’re inset and you can’t reach the release), some video outs and some sort of proprietary connector on the right. I’m wondering whether these pics are from some super-modular system? They… Read More

  • Another piece of the RED puzzle

    What the deuce is it? They’re speculating wildly at the Reduser forum; some think it’s an combination rail/battery/control pack for the Scarlet (it says “Scarlet” around the “eye”), some think it’s not even orientated correctly in the picture and Jannard is playing a joke on them. Others question the material, ports and so on. We won’t know for… Read More

  • Panasonic's AG-HMC151, like a tapeless DVX100

    Anyone who’s done some independent (and/or adult) film work will recognize the Panasonic AG-DVX100 alongside the staple Canon GL and XL series as a good choice for relatively high-quality digital cameras that won’t break the bank. Well, Panasonic’s announced a tapeless version of the AG-DVX100 called the AG-HMC151. It’s a 16:9 three-chip camera with a 28mm Leica… Read More