• Social media startup CultureSphere sues HCL, alleges misuse of confidential information

    Social media startup CultureSphere sues HCL, alleges misuse of confidential information

    Acquisition talks fall through all the time, but a new lawsuit from social media startup CultureSphere accuses global IT company HCL of something more serious — using those talks as a way to get access to confidential information for use in a competing product. HCL, meanwhile, has said the CultureSphere’s allegations are “totally baseless.” We wrote about… Read More

  • The Back Office Developers Crunch Network

    The Back Office Developers

    What are the 5 biggest tech employers in the world? I conducted a survey amongst some tech entrepreneurs and interestingly, almost everyone guessed wrong. Take a second and write down your top 5. If you guessed Apple, Google or Amazon, you’re wrong – and by a huge margin! These companies have approximately 5k-35k developers, almost ten times less than the real behemoths: TCS… Read More

  • Why America Needs To Start Educating Its Workforce Again

    Ask any old-time IBMer, and you will hear stories of IBM’s legendary workforce-development practices. When a manager identified a manufacturing worker with promise, the company would teach him how to dress, how to speak to clients, and how to service products. These technicians would then be trained to be computer programmers, sales reps, or product managers. IBM president Thomas… Read More

  • How The EFF Lost Its Way By Defending Hate Mongers And Tunnel Rats

    Free speech is a basic human right and is essential to creativity and innovation. But every society places limits on this, particularly when it transgresses into “hate speech” – which disparages someone or some group on the basis of race, gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and so on. Calls to violence are tolerated even less. These often lead… Read More