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Crunch Report | Google Glass for the Enterprise

Google Glass is relaunching but this time for the enterprise, Game of Thrones breaks HBO streaming records, Amazon and Tinder both now have a "stories" feature and Embark has taken over. All this on C

A court ruled that it could be a federal crime to share your Netflix password

Last week the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion that an employee acted “without authorization” when he used a former co-worker’s login (with their permission) to

Dismissing the cord-cutter myth

When cable TV subscriptions in the U.S. peaked in 2012 -- and 97.6 million Americans paid to watch television delivered via cable -- it seemed the traditional media supply chain was stronger than ever

HBO Takes On Netflix With A New Kids Section Featuring “Sesame Street” And More

HBO’s quest to more directly compete with streaming service rivals like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu is kicking off this week, with the company’s launch of a new “Kids” section in

HBO GO Arrives On PS4 Today

Just ahead of the April 12 premiere of one of its more popular shows, Game of Thrones, HBO announced this morning that its streaming service HBO GO is now available on the PlayStation 4. The new appli

HBO GO Finally Comes To Amazon Fire TV

Amazon just <a href="">made good on its promise</a>. HBO GO is <a target="_blank" href="

Xbox One Gets HBO Go

HBO Go fans can now enjoy their favorite single-source streaming service on the Xbox One, as the app is now available (via Verge). Microsoft beat PlayStation 4 to the punch with this one, but the PS4

The Ring Of Fire: Of Pirates, Popcorn Time And Dynamic Pricing

At 36,007 feet up in the air, somewhere between Alaska and Russia, with the Aleutian Islands someplace below us, my child and I are sharing a blissful moment. My one-year-old is sleeping peacefull

HBO GO To Land On Amazon Fire TV Later This Year

Amazon just announced a multi-year agreement with HBO to offer that cable network’s back-catalog of shows on Amazon Instant Video, free for Prime subscribers. That’s not all, though; HBO G

These HBO Go Ads Are Hilarious

My colleagues wrote about Apple ads yesterday. So when I stumbled across these HBO Go ads, I thought that you, dear TechCrunch readers, also deserve to see these seven videos. In them, you see teen

HBO Go Still Recovering From Outage During Game Of Thrones Premiere

HBO Go crashed during the Game of Thrones' season premiere due to "overwhelming demand," potentially affecting millions of viewers. The service <a target="_blank" href="

HBO Go Lands On PlayStation 3, With PS4 On Deck

Sony has <a target="_blank" href="">today announced</a> that HBO Go will land on the PS3 later today, with PS4 integration in t

Valar Morghulis, Or, ‘Why I Don’t Care That HBO GO Is On Apple TV’

Apple TV got HBO Go and Watch ESPN and some other content yesterday. Cool. Am I supposed to care? It’s asinine that the technology for producing quality content is so incredible (Blackwater Bay,

Apple TV Finally Gets HBO GO And WatchESPN, iTunes Shoppers Now Buying 800K TV Shows Per Day

Apple has added two major new content sources to Apple TV today, via HBO GO and WatchESPN integration. The new streaming services adds a considerable selection of content to the company's streaming co

HBO GO Expands Latin American Footprint With Launch In Colombia

HBO GO's <a target="_blank" href="">Latin American</a> expansion continues today, with the service's launch in Columbia. The debut there follows the launch of HBO GO in Brazil e

Citing “The Math,” HBO’s Alison Moore Says There Are Still No Plans For Standalone HBO GO In The U.S.

Those lucky folks <a href="">in the Nordics</a> just recently got access to an on-demand, over-the-top HBO service that bears more than a pas

Netflix Leadership Open To Working With HBO GO, Unthreatened By Verizon Redbox

Buried a few pages into the Netflix <a href="">earnings report</a> was a

The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011

It’s telling that Apple chose an app that debuted more than 14 months ago, Instagram, as its “<a href="">

FIOS the first to get HBO Go

<img src="" />I read something the other day that argued that Netflix has not a chance in hell of becoming "this century's HBO." Netflix