ZTE kills its crowdsourced phone Kickstarter campaign

Project CSX was a nice enough idea: Get the smartphone community engaged and excited and maybe even gather some good, outside-the-box ideas for mobile devices. In a sense, the project was ZTE’s atte

ZTE admits it painted itself into a corner with its crowdsourced phone

Things aren’t looking great for Hawkeye. It was a valiant effort, but the first result of ZTE’s crowdsourcing Project CSX is presently at just around $35,000 into its $500,000 goal after the pro

ZTE’s Hawkeye crowdsourced phone gets some actual specs

The truth is, ZTE’s Hawkeye phone was one of countless devices that got lost in the insurmountable signal to noise that was CES. And let’s be honest, of all of the far out pitches the company rece

Meet HawkEye, the sobriety-determining handheld

Because police don’t have enough ways to ruin my weekend, a company called AcuNetx (I spelled that right) has developed a device called the HawkEye, a non-invasive device that scans the eyes of