• Sap Cap offers self defense at the drop of a hat

    After finally figuring out what “sap” and “blackjack” mean — they’re used interchangeably to describe a police baton — this Sap Cap is a bit scary in its simplicity but might make for a good always-with-you self defense tool. That’s if you’re down with logo-less black hats and don’t mind shelling out $30 for something like this. Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: Fried Kippahs

    Oy, man. Now we’re talking Kippahs! VanityKippah just offered us six kippahs to give away, two each from their Obama, McCain, and Dontcha Wish Your Kugel was Crispy on Top Like Mine lines. How do you win? Read More

  • Vanity Kippah: My porn star name

    This is a little kippah with “Don’t you wish your Kippah was hot like mine” written on it. It costs $14.95. Is this what 4000 years of struggle, heartbreak, childbearing, and love has wrought? Read More

  • Mind-reading hat could keep you from being an idiot

    They say if you knew what people were thinking about you at all times that you’d sink into a deep depression and eventually probably take your own life. I don’t know who exactly says that or the exact terminology, so you can just quote me for the time being. At any rate, this mind-reading hat that I’m about to tell you about only reads your mind, not other people’s… Read More

  • iSoundCap – Put Your iPod Nano In Your Hat

    Want to carry your iPod Nano along but think an arm-band or a necklace is too high-class for you? Then might we interest you in the $29.99 iSoundCap, a baseball cap with a slot in the back for an iPod Nano. The cap includes a sleeve for the iPod, a spool for the wires, and a white flare design on the bill. Just check out this lovely lady on the left for an example of how the iSoundCap will… Read More