TUNE (Formerly HasOffers) Acquires MobileDevHQ To Expand Into Unpaid User Acquisition

Two Seattle-based mobile analytics companies are teaming up today. The ad attribution and analytics company TUNE (previously known as HasOffers), has made its first acquisition with the purchase of Mo

To Signal Broader Ambitions, Mobile Ad Company HasOffers Changes Its Name To Tune

HasOffers has been a tricky startup to write about — partly because ad attribution isn't inherently sexy, but mostly because of the name. Yes, there's HasOffers the company and HasOffers the product

MobileAppTracking Says It’s The First Platform To Support iAd Attribution

Earlier this month, mobile ad attribution startup <a target="_blank" href="http://www.hasoffers.com">HasOffers</a> spotted what seemed to be an important new feature in the latest iOS update — <a hr