• Hashable Turns Inward With A Quiet Redesign

    Hashable Turns Inward With A Quiet Redesign

    Some people like to broadcast every moment of their lives, but when you are dealing with business contacts that tends to be more of a private activity. Mobile startup Hashable is learning that helping people over-share is not always the right way to go. The company pushed out a significantly redesigned app for both iPhone and Android which changes the focus to more of a personal mobile CRM… Read More

  • (Founder Stories) Hashable's Yavonditte: Being Lean Does Not Mean Staying Small

    (Founder Stories) Hashable's Yavonditte: Being Lean Does Not Mean Staying Small

    As Chris Dixon rounds out his interview with Hashable founder, Michael Yavonditte, SXSW serves as a springboard to discuss the power of thinking small, when thinking about launching. Yavonditte relates Hashable’s experience at SXSW and puts it in perspective. Speaking to the topic, Dixon says, “I have come to kind of believe in the lean startup thing, where you just kind of… Read More

  • Michael Yavonditte on Starting Hashable

    (Founder Stories) How Hashable Rose From The Ashes Of Tracked

    Before there was Hashable, there was Tracked, Michael Yavonditte’s attempt to build a better Yahoo Finance. It was little too complicated, and not social. “I felt like I was on the wrong side of history,” he tells Chris Dixon in this episode of Founder Stories. So Yavonditte (who had previously sold advertising startup Quigo to AOL for $360 million) started from scratch… Read More

  • Michael Yavonditte on Going Toe-to-Toe with Google

    (Founder Stories) Michael Yavonditte On Going Toe-To-Toe With Google (TCTV)

    In this episode of Founder Stories with host Chris Dixon, Hashable founder and CEO Michael Yavonditte delves into the conventional (lack of) wisdom, power plays and power players that helped shape paid search as we know it today. Yavonditte, who sold advertising startup Quigo to AOL for $360 million, started his career running business development at AltaVista. Back then, Yavonditte… Read More

  • Foregoing The Bump, Hashable Adds NFC Contact Swaps On Android

    When people talk about near-field communications (NFC) chips in phones, they usually bring up mobile payments. But NFC chips, which are already in some Android phones, can be used by other apps besides payments (which won’t take off as quickly as people expect anyway). At Google I/O this week, NFC apps will be highlighted. Foursquare will allow Android users to check in by swiping… Read More

  • Hashable Brings It To SXSW, And The Android

    Today in SXSW jockeying … Introduction service Hashable, which has the pretty ambitious goal of ridding the world of business cards, is announcing its Android offering and a slew of features just in time for the Interactive party event to end all Interactive party events, SXSW. In case the message wasn’t loud and clear, its also got a fancy SXSW set up on its site, so I guess… Read More

  • Twitter’s Golden Egg: Location

    Twitter’s Golden Egg: Location

    Twitter’s core strength—limiting posts to 140 characters—has created opportunities for other websites and apps to siphon off and capture users around activity that originated on Twitter. These new sites and services leverage Twitter’s distribution pipes, free of charge, offering little or nothing in return. In 2010, these common tweeting behaviors created opportunities… Read More

  • Throw Out Your Business Cards, Hashable's iPhone App Is Now Live

    If you’ve been waiting for an #intro to Hashable—the only way up until now that you could get into the semi-private business networking service that keeps tracks of your connections through Twitter and email—you can now invite yourself by downloading Hashable’s iPhone app (iTunes link). It just went live on iTunes this weekend. Hashable makes it super-easy to introduce… Read More

  • Hashable Starts Measuring The Strength Of Your Relationships

    Last night, social introduction service Hashable rolled out a new site design to members. While the site is still semi-closed (you need an invite or introduction from an existing member to get in—the first 500 readers to follow @hashable on Twitter will get one), it is playing with some very interesting ways to rank your online social connections. One of the new features on the site… Read More

  • Let Me #Intro You To Hashable (2,000 Invites)

    Let Me #Intro You To Hashable (2,000 Invites)

    Michael Yavonditte gets asked to make a lot of introductions between investors and entrepreneurs (especially since he sold Quigo to AOL for $340 million in 2007). Last July, he and his team quietly launched Hashable in private beta to make intros much easier. Hashable lets you introduce any two people via Twitter or email, and then follows up to see whether those intros were successful. … Read More