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YouTube bans ‘hateful’ videos from making money via its advertising network

Following a backlash around brand advertising on controversial content, YouTube is making a move to clean up which videos are part of its ad network. The Google-owned has updated the guidelines that

U.S. Music Sales Down As Streaming Up 24% To 51B Tracks In 6 Months; Harlem Shake Bumps Its Way To The Top

As questions continue to swirl around just how well <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/07/15/spotify-defends-against-new-music-backlash-says-it-will-pay-out-1b-to-artists-in-2013/">artists get paid<

YouTube Lays Easter Egg In Tribute To Harlem Shake Meme

In one of Google's funnier Easter Eggs, users have a fun surprise awaiting them on YouTube. Conducting a YouTube search for "do the Harlem shake" initiates a UI-style Harlem Shake on the world's bigge

I Swear This Is The Last “Harlem Shake” Post We Do

At the risk of seeming like my father, a man who will beat a dead meme into the ground long after its moment in the sun, I present to you the Harlem Shake Bookmarklet.