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  • Tinychat's Video Chat App Is Blowing Up On Facebook

    Tinychat‘s super simple messaging service lives on the Web (and then some), but the fledgling company’s Facebook video chat application is clearly seeing some solid growth of its own. The app is now the single most used video chat application on the Facebook Platform, with roughly 2.4 million monthly active users according to the application page. Read More

  • Tinychat Boasts 500 Million Minutes Of Usage And 300,000 New Users Per Month

    Not so tiny after all: Tinychat, a simple text, video and audio communication platform, is growing by leaps and bounds. First launched in February 2009 as a simple way to create Web-based chat rooms, Tinychat today is a full-blown chat system with lots of bells and whistles. And the service is gaining traction, fast. Read More