• Apple Updates Just About Everything

    Apple just updated just about every little thing they could today including adding a $2,400 24-inch iMac and a faster MacBook Pro. Remember that new Mac Mini with 5 USB ports? It’s real. Other highlights include: Read More

  • Ultimate desktop: 4 CPUs, 9 fans, 16,000 dollars

    In one of those “what if” situations, Seattle PC company Puget Systems (of Windows 7 deal fame) recently shared information with Tom’s Hardware about how they went about building the ultimate desktop machine. Puget showed them their latest, a quad-Opteron powered monster with 32 gigs of RAM and custom water cooling. I can’t even imagine how much noise this thing would… Read More

  • Hack an extra core into your Phenom II

    It’s an improvement worthy of the greatest trick of all time, the 9800 Pro pencil mod — and probably just as boneheaded of an idea to try. This little hack enables the latent fourth core on certain Phenom processors, assuming you’ve got a certain type of Biostar mobo. Of course, there’s probably a little more to it than that, so I’d hold off on this unless… Read More

  • Nvidia's Ion platform to support VIA this year

    That firecracker CEO of Nvidia, Jen-Hsun Huang, has revealed that Nvidia will be putting out an “Ion 2” platform using VIA Nano processors instead of Intel’s Atoms. The pairing isn’t surprising, considering that the Nano processors are supposed to be quite as capable as Atoms, and Nvidia’s relationship with Intel right now isn’t exactly all fun and games. Read More

  • New Phenom IIs from AMD drop

    AMD enthusiasts should mark February 9th as a red-letter day. Five new processors have been unleashed by the ailing but effective CPU company, and they look like a serious value. If you’re looking to upgrade your box right now, these new processors are pretty much the only reasonable option. Plus, you can upgrade now with your DDR2 setup, and then move to a new DDR3 setup in six months… Read More

  • Nvidia to try its hand at x86 chips, then get its pants sued off

    While Intel is working on taking on the GPU sector (and may just have a deal with Sony to do it), its main rival, Nvidia, is looking to get into the x86 processor business. The video hardware giant is assembling a team from scratch to make a competitor to the Intel and AMD’s CPUs — but doesn’t seem to care that the technology is proprietary and must be licensed from the… Read More

  • Intel delays GPU-integrated processors until 2010

    The economic crisis and resultant drop in spending has slowed down a lot of tech industries. Even the big players like Intel, NEC, and IBM are taking major hits, part of which is due to, well, people not buying their products. Intel in particular has delayed some rollouts due to a warehouses of Core2 processors and motherboards they expected to have sold by now. One such casualty is their… Read More

  • You'll be waiting a while for consumer-grade Core i7

    It looks like the planned “Lynnfield” mainstream versions of the Nehalem architecture chips won’t be arriving until August or possibly September. That’s bad! But Core2 Duo and Quad chips are expected to receive a price cut very soon. That’s good! If you’re in the market for a processor, wait a couple weeks and save yourself a few bucks. But what could be… Read More

  • Seagate hit by woes of every kind – and you might want to back up that 1TB HDD

    Looks like Seagate is being dashed on the rocks by the worldwide financial gale as much as anyone else. In addition to cutting nearly 3000 jobs, they’re changing course by giving their CEO the boot. Not only are sales down, but their flagship line of hard drives has been plagued with failures (including this bargain drive, which I urge you not to buy at the moment). And just lately… Read More

  • Uh oh – AMD's new processors are no match for last year's Intels

    While it has been a sort of unspoken truth that AMD has ceded the performance cup to Intel over the last couple years, they’ve instead provided an extremely compelling value option, with their processors doing nearly the work of the more expensive Intels for far less money. The new Phenom II processor was to be the keystone in AMD’s new Dragon platform, and while the other features… Read More

  • Video: BFG Tech's on-case LCD screen

    Dang, I knew there was something I’d forgotten. Actually there were about a billion things I’d like to have gotten to or played with more at CES, but this is one of the big ones. After I saw the setup in high res (it was leaked early), I wanted to make a point of dropping by on the show floor. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to, but PC Perspective dropped by and got… Read More

  • AMD's Dragon platform hopes to reinvigorate the brand

    A lot of attention has been on Intel’s Nehalem/Core i7 lineup, but AMD hasn’t been slacking. They’ve been working on rolling out their next platform, which is really much more of a complete package than I’ve seen in a while. The new 45nm Phenom II X4 processor is designed to work with the Radeon 4000 series of video cards and the newest 790 series of… Read More

  • BFG Tech's new Phobos high-end system looks amazing

    We saw a leak of the touchscreen interface that BFG Tech’s new Phobos system sports a few weeks ago, but the whole thing is a bit more impressive. Of course, some configurations will run you $8000! These systems are completely no-holds-barred. Like other super-high-end setups like the Blackbird, it uses only the best components and cost be damned. Check out the specs. Read More

  • New iMacs to include hotter components, new cooling?

    The new line of iMacs due early this coming year are likely to sport some pretty serious upgrades, most notably (we reckon) a quad-core processor and new NVIDIA chipsets. Of course, this more powerful hardware will be producing more heat, and if Apple wants to keep the iMac and Mini lines trim and svelte, they may be putting a bit of work into a new cooling system. Read More

  • Abit leaving the mobo business; I mourn

    The motherboard humming away in my nice Tempest case right now is an Abit IP35 Pro, and unfortunately it will be the last Abit motherboard I ever bought. Because respected enthusiast hardware maker Abit is riding off into the sunset. Read More

  • GeForce GTX 295: not quite a 4870 X2-killer

    NVIDIA’s ice-cream sandwich-looking dual-GPU answer to AMD’s dual-GPU 4870 X2 doesn’t excel, but doesn’t disappoint, either. Although the GeForce GTX 280 has recently surpassed the 4870 in performance with its new drivers, the architecture of the GTX 295 limits the capabilities and makes it just barely eke ahead of AMD, and even then it’s with a price premium. Read More

  • Sweet case-mounted touchscreen from BFG Tech

    Our recent revolt against the embargo notwithstanding, I was going to hold onto this until the PR folks had asked me, but someone else has let the cat out of the bag (shame!) so now you guys get to see it too. As for the display itself, I think it looks filthy. Case displays are usually pretty weak little things, monochrome or limited in customizability. This one from hardware maker BFG Tech… Read More

  • Moore's law not in danger just yet

    The hard science behind your processor may not be interesting to you now, but if Intel were to say “Sorry, it’s physically impossible to go any faster,” you’d get real interested real fast. Or not. At any rate, it shouldn’t be a problem yet, as even the major quantum-physical barrier posed by the move (still far distant) from 22nm to 16nm appears to be… Read More

  • Another victory for NVIDIA: EA adopts PhysX

    The video card business pendulum has had its swing into AMD territory, but bit by bit NVIDIA is making its comeback after an embarrassing early last generation. This time it’s not more frames per second, but favorable alliances which are gaining ground for the graphics giant: EA and 2K Games (creators of Bioshock) have both agreed to use NVIDIA’s PhysX technology to drive… Read More

  • Something nasty in Apple's lappy juice?

    Just bought a shiny new MacBook? Ready to slap a 3rd party memory upgrade in it? Not so fast, sunshine. Turns out that some of the users on the Apple Support Discussion forums are finding out that the approved 3rd party memory upgrades are causing instability and lock-ups. Reports seem to indicate that only Apple brand RAM is working properly. Which is fine, if you are drinking the cider… Read More