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CrunchDeals: 1TB Seagate hard drive for $145

What can you get for $145? Well, you can buy Lehman Brother’s European assets 73 times, or you can get this 1TB eternal hard drive. At this rate, I’d say the hard drive is the better deal.

This is not the hard drive for the Wii

This image showed up earlier today on Digg and we just received word from Nintendo PR about whether or not it’s real. It’s the usual PR answer. Nintendo does not comment on rumors and spec

CrunchArcade: MGS 4: 90-minute cutscenes, 4.6GB HDD install

Here’s some fodder for the entertaining yet utterly pointless console wars. It seems, according to one lonely photo posted on Flickr, that Metal Gear Solid 4 requires a 4.6GB hard drive install.

Hard drive from space shuttle Columbia salvaged with data intact

This is insane. The hard drive crashed to earth with the rest of the wreckage, and at first they couldn’t even tell it was a drive at all. Data recovery expert Jon Edwards took a shot at it and

New Western Digital premium hard drive line: VelociRaptor

The original 10,000RPM Raptors have an excellent track record, though they are understandably pretty pricey (~$10/gig as opposed to ~$2/gig in other drives). Western Digital has upgraded them, doublin

CrunchArcade: PS3 GTA IV to require 5-minute hard drive install

The PS3 version of GTA IV will require a five-minute install. While five minutes isn’t a big deal, especially given how long we’ve already waited for the game, there’s bound to be th

Benchmarks: MacBook Air hard drive vs. solid state

[photopress:2199168271_639147cd5d.jpg,full,center] From this guy’s Flickr The MacBook Air is finding its way into wanting hands and some early benchmarks have been tallied. There’s two mai

How To: Hack your Western Digital MyBook World Edition

Owners of a WD MBWE with intermediate Linux experience looking for a good time should hop on over to Martin Hinner’s site. I don’t own one so I have no interest in improving the performanc

Transcend external SATA HDDs released

John isn’t excited to be in Japan, but I’m pumped to be in America, I can tell you that much. Transcend is yet another company, making some external hard drives that have a cobalt blue pai

Old DVD-recorders increasing in value

You may be able to get a DVR with your cable box, but nothing comes close to being able to record shows and burn them to a DVD. So it makes sense that years-old DVD-recorders are going for as much as

NASPerform Network Storage: Up To 750GB

The one thing I lack in my sleek setup here is a network attached storage device. Other World Computing comes out with one today, the NASPerform, that works with any network (it has to be physically c

iPhoneDrive Updated, iPhone Now More Drive-y

Ecamm Network has updated its iPhoneDrive software (which allows you to drag and drop files between your phone and your computer) to include support for moving files around on your iPhone as though it

iPhoneDrive Makes iPhone A Hard Drive

Your iPhone is sweet! It takes pictures! It surfs the net! Wow! If only you could get your data off it with ease and throw music, pictures and other files on it with the same program. Lucky you, there

Iomega Introduces New Portable External Drives

Hardly is an external hard drive portable whatsoever. Carrying around a USB cable, a drive, and AC adaptor is no fun. Iomega wants to put an end to this with its new eGo portable hard drive. With 160G

Oh Snap! Biz 2.0 Doesn't Do Backups!

The worst possible scenario for a print magazine is for your entire future issue to be completely wiped out in a hard drive failure. Now that you’ve read that sentence and most likely this artic

Hitatchi Now Shipping 1TB Hard Drive

Need lots of storage on the cheap for all your porn and pirated movies data? Be sure to inspect Hitatchi’s new Deskstar 7K1000 hard drive. Boasting an incredible 1000GB of storage, put two of th

80GB PS3 Is For Real, Dare We Say In the Wild?

Lay the rumors to rest, as the truth has now been revealed! Here is a spy-shot of an 80GB Playstation 3 “in the wild” as they say. Before you go calling Photoshop and all that jazz, reader

Toshiba Enters Portable Hard Drive Market

Having a cluttered desk can suck. So purchasing space-saving electronics can really be a key factor in keeping tidy. Toshiba’s new hard drives are less than an inch thick and smaller than a 4&#2

SimpleTech 500GB External Hard Drive Hands On

Good hard drives come in all shapes and sizes, from the practical, boxy models popular with IT folks to the fancy-pants portable units that artistes and poets use to store their highfalutin’ wor

Drobo Is A Robot With A RAID-Array

Meet Drobo . He’s a robot and although he doesn’t look like one, he certainly can do plenty of robot-like things. The device comes with four separate drive bays and can intelligently contr
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