• Nvidia’s Project Shield Release Gets Pushed Back To July Due To “Mechanical Issue”

    Nvidia’s Project Shield Release Gets Pushed Back To July Due To “Mechanical Issue”

    The Nvidia Project Shield, a handheld gaming device from the graphics card-maker that was set to debut Thursday, will be delayed until July, the company revealed today. In a statement provided to TechCrunch, Nvidia explained that it had to delay the release after discovering a mechanical issue tied to a piece supplied by a third-party company. The full statement is below. Read More

  • Why Is This Man Selling A Gizmondo In Bay Ridge, Brooklyn?

    When you find a rare and beautiful unicorn, you see them mostly on the glens of Nellseven or the Seven Hills of Valpinore – not down in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. However, our buddy BrklynSurfer brought this new-in-box Gizmondo to my attention including the spam-gasmic extra text and a blurry-cam photo so blurry it could be mistaken for modern art. But friends, if this is a real Gizmondo… Read More

  • Juniper Systems rugged handheld is rugged

    Ruggedized computers are typically pretty ugly, and the Juniper Systems handheld is no exception. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, and drops onto concrete from a height of up to 5ft without damage, it’d be the ideal thing for the construction site or roadworks project. Read More

  • The history of handheld sports in 26 acts

    Harry McCracken’s unfortunately titled article, Smallball, is a round-up of all of those great handheld video games we all played on the toilet back in the 1980s and 90s as well as a few classics from decades past. Read More

  • Dreamcast molded into a handheld form, dubbed DreamTrooper

    What gamer doesn’t have fond memories of the Sega Dreamcast? Apparently this guy wanted to relive those Jet Set Radio days while on the go – or in his cubical. This mod started as a Lazer Doodle toy and then after a bunch of cutting, epoxing, sanding, and dreaming, the whole thing plays 10-year old games. The whole thing is gigantic when compared to a modern handheld gaming… Read More

  • Wireless ATSC-equipped TVs coming from Epoq

    Now that the digital transition is just months away, and already happened in some parts, analog, handheld TVs are going to stop working. You know, the type of TVs you used to sneak into church overnighters and ‘hunting trips.’ Epoq is here to make sure that you can continue to see the game even if you’re in the middle of the lake ‘fishing’ with these three… Read More

  • Interview with open source handheld Pandora's creator

    You remember the Pandora, right? The awesome open source handheld that’s going to play everything from Defender to Quake III? Well, its time is drawing near! Pocketgamer has an interview with Craig Rothwell, one of the guys in charge of the Pandora project, and it’s an interesting story (if a short interview). The great thing about this project is that it was essentially open… Read More

  • Video: Pandora open handheld gaming system demo

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_I+X+J5FQ%5D Oh man, I really wish that was me testing the sucker out. In case you missed it when they first put out renders, the Pandora is a powerhouse open-source handheld in the spirit of the GP32 and GP2X (which I have). It’s got dual analog sticks, an 800×480 screen, full QWERTY, wi-fi, and a bunch of other stuff. It basically looks like the… Read More

  • eDeck lets you gamble for real money via Wi-Fi

    Here’s a handheld electronic gaming device that’s hooked directly into the Venetian’s gambling empire via a simple Wi-Fi connection. Let me be the first to say: FINALLY! The Venetian is such a dump but I love gambling there. Now I can just go lock myself in one of the rooms instead of actually hitting the (dirty, sticky, grimy) floor in person. In another stroke of genius… Read More

  • New Gizmondo attempting to hit late 2008 relaunch

    After missing their original May planned release date, the much-ridiculed Gizmondo portable gaming system is aiming for a late 2008 launch. Among the improvements touted: a separate graphics card from Nvidia and Windows CE 6. Sounds like a powerhouse. And why should the gaming community pay any attention at all to this ridiculous device? Why should they not focus their interest on other… Read More

  • Pandora: a powerhouse handheld designed for homebrew and emulation

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your emulators and homebrew indie games in one place? And how about on a beautiful piece of hardware designed just for that purpose? The idea is similar to the GP2X, but the feature set is a bit more next-generation: 800×480 touchscreen, dual analog sticks and an SNES-style D-pad and buttons, plus a QWERTY keyboard. It’s got nice guts, too… Read More

  • Nordic Link interviews Carl Freer of Gizmondo (Yes, that Gizmondo)

    [photopress:Carl_Freer_och_Mikael_Ljungman_002med.jpg.jpg,full,center] Some of you might remember Gizmondo as the almost-vaporware-like handheld gaming device that was the brainchildfart of some Swedes, notably Stefan Eriksson, who later totaled a rare Ferarri Enzo almost exactly two years ago today. Now more details are emerging about Gizmondo’s rumored comeback, sans Eriksson, and it… Read More

  • Handheld Genesis thing looks like it might be as awesome as me, almost

    So it’s the end of the year and I seem to be on a bit of a retro gaming kick, so I was stoked to find the AtGames Mega Drive Portable, a 20-in-1 handheld Sega Genesis device. Alex Kidd, Golden Axe, and Altered Beast are just three of the twenty games included, and besides having a 320×240 backlit LCD to play on, the device has AV-out, meaning you can plug it into your TV. Read More

  • New Nintendo DS Screen Coming?

    If colorful Nintendo Wiis don’t catch your attention, maybe speculation of a Nintendo DS does. A few popular Japanese blogs and forums have information posted revolving around a new Nintendo DS handheld, which will feature bigger screens for both top and bottom panels. The screens will measure 3.5 to 3.8-inches (currently they are both 3-inches on the DS Lite.) I’m confident… Read More

  • Viewsonic Announces High-Priced Rugged Handhelds

    Viewsonic apparently is looking to make some serious buck off their new V38r-06, V38r-07, and V38r-07a rugged handhelds. Just announced, these guys come with some serious features, but they run friggin’ Windows Mobile 2003. Come on Viewsonic! At least throw version 5.0 on there for the $1600-$2000 you’re going to charge us for these devices. What are you paying out the ying-yang for? Read More