halo: reach

  • Bungie Warns Would-Be Halo: Reach Xbox Live Cheaters: Don't Mess

    The fall video game rush begins tomorrow with the release of Halo: Reach for the Xbox 360. That’s the key—tomorrow. If you somehow got a copy of the game at the weekend—perhaps you know a friendly GameStop owner, or maybe you yourself have the Wal-Mart storage room key?—then I’ve got some bad news: your credits will be wiped out. Sorry. Read More

  • Watch The First 15 Minutes Of Halo: Reach Gameplay

    Got nothing to do for the next 15 minutes? Here, watch the intro movie and a bit of gameplay from Halo: Reach courtesy of G4TV. Even if you don’t plan on playing the game (like me), it’s still entertaining enough to burn a bit of your morning. Read More

  • Halo: Reach multi-player beta is really quite fun

    I spent a few hours last night playing the Halo: Reach multi-player beta. (Microsoft sent out a few early invites to writing-guys like me, but the beta opens to Halo: ODST owners today.) It’s been a while since I’ve played a Halo game for any real amount of time. I dabbled with Halo 3‘s multi-player for a little while there, but that was two years ago. First impression of… Read More

  • Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta Coming In May

    Today, Bungie announced the info all Halo fans have been waiting to hear. The multiplayer Beta for the highly anticipated Halo: Reach will be available beginning May 3rd, 2010. For a beta invite, simply have a copy of Halo: ODST. Read More

  • Everything you need to know about Halo: Reach

    Bungie has done a great job of making fans salivate over Halo: Reach by keeping most the aspects of the game under wraps. Thus far, all the info we have been able to discern has come from the trailers which Bungie released–until now. Yesterday, leaked pictures (shown below) of an upcoming Game Informer magazine hit the web, and the information is quite revealing. It looks like the team… Read More

  • Halo: Reach Trailer to Come in Two Days

    I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this. This Saturday at 8 PM, I know without a doubt I will be sitting on my couch, watching Spike TV. There are only two things which could cause me to do this. One would be if the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was moved from CBS to Spike. The other, which will actually be happening, is to watch the Video Game Awards, where the… Read More