And now for something truly frightening

John Biggs wanted me to post some Halloween gadgets today. Here’s a remote controlled pooping, talking skeleton. You won’t see one in my yard. Only $3000 from the nice people at the Horror

Costume Idea: simple, badass Optimus Prime

I bring you the most amazing Optimus Prime costume I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many. Hit the jump to see it in all its Megatron’s-ass-kicking glory.

Cruel Halloween animal costumes

Only in NYC.

Tech Horror Stories: Trouble in Paradise

The first of our Tech Horror Stories. If you have one you’d like to share send it to john at crunchgear.com ASAP. Spooky! So I was an IT contractor working in Honolulu. Except there‚Äôs a small

Awesome Party Guy Vid!

Now this is what I call a Halloween costume. Leave your unoriginal iPhone costumes at home people, ’cause Awesome Party Guy is on a roll this year as a YouTube video. He even has a comments sect

It is the day of the dead

This is just plain creepy and weird. I love my Mac and at one point I loved my PC, but…but…WTF is this?! It can’t be a photoshop job, can it? Geek’s Tomb

Last-minute costume idea!

Trick or Treat, CrunchGear readers. If you’re short of costume ideas, I’d like to share with you this downloadable Christopher Walkin cut-out mask. You can pair it with any outfit, and if

Team Fortress 2 IRL

Anyone who can round up 8 nerds to dress up like characters from a recently released video game is a master of manipulation. Anyone who can get them to huddle together for a picture, is a demigod. Tea

Mega Man carved into a pumpkin

This Halloween, take some time in between the Reeses and the Snickers to honor old-school gaming. May I suggest popping in a Mega Man 3 cartridge for the NES to honor this beautiful pumpkin? Keep in m

A costume idea I won't be using, so you should feel free to

I was looking for costume ideas when I ran across this fairly geeky idea that I won’t be doing. You, however, should feel free to indulge yourselves. On that note, I still don’t have a cos

This Halloween, give them the tentacles

From MAKE, this homemade LED jellyfish costume is crazy. Imagine running around in the dark with that thing on. Cool, right? Now imagine it while you’re drunk. Halloween LED Jellyfish Costume [M

Inappropriate baby Halloween costumes, volume one

Sure, you love your kids, but wouldn’t it be great if they had axes sticking out of their heads? Absolutely! Specter Studios offers this classy baby hat for your wee one’s Halloween escapa

Thriller… Sort of

In the spirit of Halloween (and national diversity), I’d like to take a minute to break from our regularly scheduled programming for this video intermission. Enjoy.

Scorched Earth Rock Mod

The boys over at bit-tech.net got their hands on an Extreme 64 power notebook from Rock. In honor of Halloween, the case was modded to feature skulls on a rock-looking background. It came out looking


What do you get when you mis a mac mini and a jack-o-lantern? A Mac-O-Lantern, of course. One industrious individual decided to embark on the task of making a case mod out of a pumpkin. I love the fac

MAKE DIY Halloween

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I’ve been a total slacker for the past couple of years, but one year soon I’m going to properly prepare. Anyway, MAKE is holding a DIY Halloween co

Creepy Crawly Remote Controlled Tarantulas

Since it’s getting close to All Hallow’s Eve (that’s Halloween to you, bub), we thought it would be nice to show you the bestest gadget we’ve seen so far this year for scaring