• Crunch Report | Snapchat Halloween Costume

    Duo Security raises $70 million, a close look at Apple’s self-driving car, Snapchat’s Halloween costume and Abu Dhabi’s state fund is doing business in San Francisco. All this on Crunch Report! Read More

  • This Guy Turned The Front Of His House Into A Massive Video Game For Halloween

    This Guy Turned The Front Of His House Into A Massive Video Game For Halloween

    Most kids love Halloween. Most kids also love video games. Put the two together, and you’re going to be the king of your neighborhood (if only for a night). That’s exactly what Rich Fiore did, turning the side of his house into an interactive, Haunted House-themed shooter. Read More

  • Periscope Goes Batty For Halloween, Introduces A Themed Heart

    Periscope Goes Batty For Halloween, Introduces A Themed Heart

    It’s not a Twitter custom emoji, but it’s close. Looks like Periscope is playing around with the hearts that you can send folks who are livestreaming. For Halloween, it’s bats! Simply use “#Halloween” in your Periscope title and the bats will fly, the team tells me. This is the first customized icon (or themed hearts as Periscope calls them) that I’ve seen… Read More

  • This Guy’s Mom’s Square Reader Is Cooler Than Your Mom’s Square Reader

    This Guy’s Mom’s Square Reader Is Cooler Than Your Mom’s Square Reader

    It’s almost Halloween, which means that all of your grown up friends with kids will be crowding up your Facebook News Feed with ridiculous photos of 2-year-olds dressed as the Incredible Hulk. It also means that the inner-geek in all of us come out. Yes, it’s a fun holiday, and we love it because it brings out our creativity. I mean, did you not see the awesome Path Pumpkins… Read More

  • Here’s What Happens When Geeks Who Like Path Get Overly Excited About Halloween

    Here’s What Happens When Geeks Who Like Path Get Overly Excited About Halloween

    It’s that time of year to be festive and spooky, carve up some pumpkins and get the candy ready for the neighborhood kids. One uber-geek Ashley Mayer, decided to take festivity to an all new level, tied in with her love of a particular social app — Path. Yes, it’s Halloween, let’s get geekily creative. Read More

  • Want To Show Off Your Halloween Costume?  Upload it To Costume DB

    Want To Show Off Your Halloween Costume? Upload it To Costume DB

    Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? Are you trying it on right now? Is it one of those Anonymous/V Is For Vendetta masks? Good, snap a picture of yourself and upload it to Costume DB, a no-frills database for costumes. You can upload your costume pictures, and they get voted up or down. Its a no-frills site, but it fills a need this time of year. It’s also a great place… Read More

  • Video: This Halloween Robot Will Destroy Us All!

    How many of your friends hilariously dressed up as Lady Gaga this year for Halloween? Several, I bet! Were any of your friends brave enough to dress up as a robot? Read More

  • Spooky Tesla Radio in a jar

    This fun little DIY device is labeled as a “crystal radio circuit in a jam-jar.” But that description doesn’t even to begin to do it justice. According to Tesla, this electronic wonder allows you to hear the disembodied, ethereal voices, of the, well, ether, I guess. Read More

  • DIY: Attack of the pumpkin

    Tired of the hoodlums destroying your pumpkins? Looking for a little payback? Here’s a project that will allow you to get some vengeance. Plus, it’d be fun to shoot silly string at the older kids that show up on your front step this Halloween. Read More

  • The.best.Iron.Man.costume.ever

    Reader Anthony Le sent in his entry for the costume contest and I just had to share it with you guys. It’s an amazing replica of the Iron Man XD suit made of plastic and rivets. Anthony even goes to his local Children’s Hospital in it to cheer up the kids. Anthony is a truly geek who inspires awe. I based the build from this picture from comic-con. The Costume is 100% home made… Read More

  • These are the worst sci-fi costumes ever

    You better act fast if you don’t have a Halloween costume. I’m still debating mine: it’s between being an Apple fanboy (dress up as an apple (with green trousers and shoes to keep it real), then wear a fan as a hat) or a death panel board member, which will play well in super liberal Manhattan. (Health care joke! Tip your waitress.) What you don’t want to do, however… Read More

  • Let's be Blood Elves and Night Elves for Halloween

    Halloween is rapidly approaching, and many of you are no doubt looking for a cool costume to show off at various social gatherings. Me? I’m leaning toward being iTunes— a fat and bloated CD with a blue music note as a hat. But that’s me; maybe you’d actually like people to understand what you are? How about this, then: a Blood Elf or Night Elf? Read More

  • A collection of iPhone costumes for your perusal

    Halloween has come and gone as it tends to do every year and this year saw its fair share of Apple-inspired costumes. DVICE has compiled a list of what it’s judged to be the best iPhone costumes of Halloween 2008. There are some pretty good ones in there, like the MySpace guy up on the left there and the baby in an iPhone stroller on the right. The list also includes a dog wearing an… Read More

  • MechWarrior Junior

    Just one more little last-minute costume idea. Happy Halloween, Crunchers!
    Update: ah, here’s that source I was looking for. Read More

  • Happy Halloween from your favorite monsters

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1715915&fullscreen=1 See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor. From all of us to all of you, have a happy and scary Halloween. If you have a minute, tweet “trick or tweet” to Greg. He loves it! Read More

  • Must-have gadgets for any aspiring ghost hunter

    It’s Halloween and, as such, here’s a handful of gadgets to get you started in the exciting world of ghost hunting, plus a couple of tips and tricks. Enjoy… Read More

  • Princess Leia pumpkin idea for last-minute carvers

    Looking for a last-minute pumpkin carving idea? Curbly has a good Princess Leia jack-o-lantern design that doesn’t look all that difficult to pull off. The famous hair buns are actually two mini pumpkins that can be held in place with toothpicks or, if you’re feeling ambitious, two 3-inch pieces of quarter-inch doweling and some pretty straightforward cranial drilling. Slap on… Read More

  • Scare the neighbor kids with this DIY blood-spurting knife

    Feel like being the creepy guy that sits on the porch and scares the 10-year olds when they proclaim “trick or treat”? This knife should do the trick.  PDF via MAKE Read More

  • Best. Gaming. Halloween. Costume. Ever.

    Halloween is the most important holiday for many children. If a kid has the best costume, it’s even better than Christmas and this MegaMan suit has the best costume around. The entire thing is constructed out of Tupperware and some blue fabric with LEDs. He provides a good amount of instructions if you feel the need to build a one for your kid too – or yourself. Read More

  • More USB pumpkins from Brando

    [blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/ih_MriyJ5FQ%5D Now you can get a string of eight USB powered pumpkins from Brando for $13! Read More