Texting Doesn’t Make Your Kids Dumb, Text Bands Do

I'm not one of those people who thinks that texting and tweeting is ruining children's ability to communicate. Texting and tweeting <em>are</em> the future of communication, so if kids are learning to

Hallmark Greets Digital, Acquires SpiritClips To Let You Send Photo/Video E-Cards

Photos and video can be even more personal than a handwritten card. That's why <a href="http://www.hallmark.com/">Hallmark</a> has just acquired <a href="http://spiritclips.com/">SpiritClips</a>, an o

Hallmark Movie Channel Goes HD Next Year

Have an HDTV but bemoan the lack of high-def content for it? Hallmark hears your cries for help and will launch an HD movie network early next year. The network, to be called the Hallmark Movie Channe