half life

  • To Encourage Smugness, Garry's Mod Creator Triggers Error Message For Pirated Versions

    This is pretty great. You know Garry’s Mod, right? It’s basically a sandbox “game” built on the Source engine. It’s only $10, but apparently there are people out there who feel the need to pirate it. The mind boggles. Anyhow, the developer of the mod, Garry Newman, created an error message that would only manifest itself in pirated copies of the game. Go ahead… Read More

  • Video: Peter Molyneux's Son Wants To Know Where Is Half-Life 3

    This is Lucas Molyneux, famed game developer Peter Molyneux’s son. In this exciting video we see Molyneux The Younger ask Valve Software: “Where’s Half-Life 3?” Cheeky! Read More

  • Who is the greatest game hero? You decide!

    Two game characters enter, one game character leaves. In the ultimate face off, gamers get to vote for their favorite gaming hero of all time. The current match up (as of this moment) is Mario vs. Gordon Freeman. Read More

  • Half-Life Fridge Magnets: Need, not want

    I like how the artist who makes these Half-Life magnets gets from start to finish. First, imagine Half-Life if it were an 8-bit NES game, then make magnets based on what the characters would look like. Or maybe it was: make Half-Life magnets, realize they look like 8-bit NES sprites, then say they’re from the imaginary 8-bit version of the game. Either way, finding cooler fridge… Read More

  • Homebrew Half-Life movie kicks ass

    It’s amazing what a little talent, a little gear and a lot of imagination can accomplish. The Purchase Brothers purportedly spent $500 to produce two episodes in a Half-Life movie series. This isn’t machinima, folks, but real human beings acting this stuff out. Very, very cool. Read More

  • Crowbar successfully delivered to Gordon Freeman at Large Hadron Collider

    Well well, a happy ending! Or possibly only the grisly beginning, depending on what happens when they fire that thing up again. The crowbar, sent from Reddit and Destructoid, has been given directly to Doctor Freeman in case of… unforeseen consequences.

    Gallery here, and remember, Half-Life is still a buck! Read More

  • Half-Life turns 10, Valve sells it for a buck

    I hope you’ll all join me in celebrating 10 years of Half-Life! One of the most beloved games in the world has been around for a decade, and what better way to remember it than to fire it up and play through a few chapters? Or if you feel like waiting a while, you can play it all through again shiny and new in Black Mesa Source when it’s released. Congratulations, Valve! Now… Read More

  • New Panasonic VIERA plasma said to have 42 year half-life

    So if a Panasonic VIERA plasma’s screen has a half-life of 42-years, that states that the screen will loss all it’s brightness in 84-years. Or 2093. Or when George Bush VI takes office. Or when we might finally have flying cars. Or when…you get the idea. CEPro presents an interesting question on this claim, “Will you die before your TV?” Hmmm. So even if the… Read More

  • Not iPhone: First concept art of Half-Life 2: Episode 3 spotted

    In other news, the first piece of concept art from Half-Life 2: Episode Three is currently floating around The Internet. It shows one of the advisors that are currently running wild all over the planet. As a relative newcomer to the Half-Life world, I don’t feel I’ve yet paid my dues enough to comment on the art direction. It looks neat, sure, but I wonder what longtime fans of… Read More