• Video: Newest Version Of Cyberdyne's Robot Suit HAL Up And Close

    I have been a fan of Japan-based Cyberdyne‘s robot suit HAL since I saw it for the first time in action about 6 years during a demo event in Tokyo. In a nutshell, HAL can help make paralyzed persons walk (and lift heavy objects) by transforming brain signals sensed through the skin into motion. Read More

  • Cyberdyne Shows New Version Of Robot Suit HAL-5

    We’ve spent quite a few posts covering HAL-5, the awesome robot suit that can make paralyzed people walk. Its maker, Japan-based robot venture Cyberdyne (yes, that’s the real name), is now introducing a new version that’s designed for people who suffer from muscle diseases and are in danger of losing their ability to walk. Read More

  • HAL 9000 Micro Thumbdrive Won't Kill You

    . So much so you might even forget it’s in your pocket. But it’s big inside, holding up to 2GB of files and plugging in via standard USB. The icing on the cake is the blue LED that pulses with homicidal thoughts as your precious data is being loaded. All that’s missing is a voice that says, “What are you doing, Dave?” when you’re making back-ups of your… Read More