• NetBase Offers Powerful Semantic Indexing Platform That Reads The Web

    Regular search engines such as Google and Yahoo use statistics to make sense of the Web. They count links, keywords, and other items on a page to determine its rank in search results. Semantic search engines try to actually understand the meaning of the words found on the Web and other documents to bring back the most relevant results to a query. Microsoft bought Powerset for $100 million… Read More

  • Semantic Search Engine Hakia Now Says It Can Filter Results By How Credible They Are

    On the Internet, nobody knows your site is a dog (to paraphrase the famous New Yorker cartoon). At least not yet. Semantic search engine Hakia wants to change that. Ask.com is not the only search engine rolling out a redesign today. So is Hakia, which is introducing tabs to its search interface. One of the tabs is “credible sites.” These are results from sites that have… Read More

  • Build Your Own Semantic Search Engine With Hakia's APIs

    Want to create your own semantic search engine, but just don’t have the PhDs? Semantic search engine Hakia is opening up APIs to let anyone build their own semantic search application on top of its technology. Hakia looks at the meaning of Web pages and matches search queries using its own quality index of trusted, relevant sites. Hakia, which competes with PowerSet and TextWise in… Read More