• Matternet To Test The First Real Drone Delivery System In Switzerland

    Matternet To Test The First Real Drone Delivery System In Switzerland

    The Swiss postal service, Swiss Post, is going to attempt drone deliveries for the first time ever using Matternet, a company working on perfecting drone-based delivery systems. The first tests will happen in Switzerland this summer as proof of concept to “to clarify the legal framework, consider local conditions and explore the technical and business capabilities of the… Read More

  • Solar power making huge difference in Haiti

    Sounds like technology is making a difference in the lives of the victims of the Haitian earthquakes. Several different companies that produce products that use solar power have been sending equipment as part of the aid mission. Among the equipment are lights for hospitals and solar panels to help with water purification. Read More

  • With Mobile Giving To Haiti Passing $20 Million, Text Fundraising Comes Of Age

    As the tragedy from last week’s earthquake in Haiti continues to unfold, the Red Cross and other relief organizations have now raised more than $20 million via text message donations, which is about 10 percent of the $210 million total raised so far. The text donations have been doubling at a rapid pace, from $5 million last week to $10 million to more than $20 million today. As more… Read More

  • Text-to-donate total exceeds $10m – I think we're onto something

    Chances are you’ve heard of the text-to-donate system set up by the Red Cross to provide relief to quake-devastated Haiti. It seems that the ease of donating and the immediacy of the disaster have prompted a response far beyond what the Red Cross anticipated. I can understand why: I used the system to donate $10 (not to toot my own horn), and found it as easy as dropping a quarter in a… Read More