• Prose raises $5.2 million for custom shampoo

    Prose raises $5.2 million for custom shampoo

    Whether your hair is straight, curly, color-treated or oily, the texture is unique. And a newly launched startup called Prose thinks your hair products should be, too. Prose is working with hair salons and stylists to build custom formulations for clientele. They’ll not only take into account a person’s hair type but whether their city has pollution, wind or humidity. Prose will… Read More

  • Tristan Walker launches FORM to make it easier for women of color to manage their hair

    Tristan Walker launches FORM to make it easier for women of color to manage their hair

    Growing up, my hair was always a source of frustration, pain and embarrassment. Part of that was because there were very few products made for people like me, with naturally curly and kinky hair. Hence why I just dropped about $140, tax included, on Walker & Company Brands’ latest line of products, FORM. FORM Beauty markets itself as being for all women, but it’s worth pointing… Read More

  • Squire makes software for barbershops

    Squire makes software for barbershops

    Squire, a company that launched last week at Y Combinator’s Summer ’16 Demo Day, makes software for barbershops. Not salons or beauty parlors or wherever else you get your hair cut… just barbershops. So what makes a barbershop so unique that it warrants its own software platform? A few things. First, most customers book a barbershop appointment the day of service, not weeks… Read More

  • Prete splits from Treat to bring unlimited blowouts to SF

    Prete splits from Treat to bring unlimited blowouts to SF

    Prete is a new blowout startup launching today in San Francisco and Los Angeles that wants to hook you up with unlimited hair styling. No cuts, color or anything else, just as many blowouts as you want for $129 a month. Some of you may recall a story I wrote about a similar blowout service coming to SF called Treat that wanted to use established salon space for unlimited blowouts. Treat gained… Read More

  • Glamsquad Raises $7 Million For On-Demand Hair Styling And Beauty Services

    Glamsquad Raises $7 Million For On-Demand Hair Styling And Beauty Services

    New York-based Glamsquad, an on-demand beauty business now headed by Gilt Groupe co-founder Alexandra Wilkis Wilson who joined earlier this year as co-founder and CEO, has now raised $7 million in Series A funding in a round led by SoftBank Capital. The company launched in January of this year in New York, and is now one of several services that bring professional hair stylists and makeup… Read More

  • StyleSeat's Melody McCloskey | Foundation

    Foundation Video: Melody McCloskey Of StyleSeat On Getting Investors Involved In A Beauty Startup

    In the most recent episode of my Foundation video series, I sat down with the founder of StyleSeat, Melody McCloskey. Melody shares how her frustration with finding a stylist inspired her to build the platform. She also talks through the challenges of reaching an audience who isn’t in front of a computer all day and how the web helps them grow their business and improve their client… Read More

  • Videos: Panasonic's Hair-Washing Robot In Action

    Last week, we asked you if you would trust Panasonic’s new 16-fingered robot that you can see above and that’s supposedly able to wash the hair of a human being. If you were undecided about this question back then, we can help you now with two videos that appeared online just today. Read More

  • Soylent, I mean solar, power is people!

    While the developed nations of the world spend huge amounts of money trying to eek out just a little more efficiency from traditional solar panels made from silicon, an industrious young lad from Nepal has figured out how to use human hair to get 9V of electricity from the sun. The fine articles are a little light (ha!) on the science, but even if there’s some hyperbole in these… Read More

  • CG Holidays 2007 Recommendation: ACE Grooming Gear

    Dual action for your pleasure. For those old enough to even know the brand ACE, well, they’re back. For the rest of you, listen up. This ageless plastic comb company has now come out with a line of men’s grooming products that won’t make you feel like Queen Depilitia of the Hairless Ones. I got to play with the tweezers, nail care kit, and excellent dual-action hair trimmer… Read More

  • Laser Comb: FDA-Approved. Snake Oil?

    I am 30 years old, and I am losing my hair. It’s an uncomfortable fact, but one that nearly half of American men, and Britney, face at some point. Science has yet been unable to stop the slow retreat of our follicles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t slow it down. Or at least try. The laser comb is a $545 battery-powered device that zaps your scalp with a Flash Gordon-style… Read More