MenuMe turns menu text into photos

At the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 hackathon, a team of engineers from MasterCard teamed up to create an app that can help travelers visiting a foreign country better understand what food is being desc

Waze downplays exploit that let researchers track users

Waze has responded to security concerns raised yesterday in a Fusion report documenting an exploit found by UC Santa Barbara researchers. In short: it’s legit, but not as dire as it’s made

Journalist Matthew Keys sentenced to 2 years in hacking case

Former Reuters journalist Matthew Keys was sentenced today to two years in prison on hacking charges. He faced a maximum sentence of 25 years. During his sentencing hearing, Keys tweeted, “This

Watch how easy it is for someone to hack your iPhone

With all the hoopla surrounding the FBI-Apple controversy, it may surprise you how easy it is to hack into an iPhone. In this video, Skycure CEO Adi Sharabani demonstrated how simple it was to access

Extensify lets you “tweak” your iOS apps without jailbreaking

A newly launched “tweak store” called Extensify gives iOS users an alternative to jailbreaking their devices by offering a simpler way to install modified versions of popular third-part

This Guy Turned The Front Of His House Into A Massive Video Game For Halloween

Most kids love Halloween. Most kids also love video games. Put the two together, and you're going to be the king of your neighborhood (if only for a night). That's exactly what Rich Fiore did

Facebook Now Warns Users If They’re A Target Of State-Sponsored Attacks

Years after Google implemented a similar feature for Gmail users, Facebook says it will begin alerting users if it suspects they’re a target of state-sponsored attacks. That is, if the network

Cruizing Club Tracks Driving Quality So Jerks Can’t Rent Your Car

Just because a renter didn’t crash your car, doesn’t mean they didn’t damage it. You don’t want to rent to someone who red lines the engine, drives in too low a gear, or burns

New ATM “Shimmer” Fits Invisibly Inside The Card Slot

The wily ATM hackers are at it again with a new form of card data gathering system, a “shimmer.” These super-thin card readers slide right into the card slot and are technically invisible

A $30 Dongle Can Unlock Your Car And Garage Remotely

Hacker Samy Kamkar has created a clever system for capturing and playing back the radio signals that can open your garage door and car. It costs $30 and could spell the end of the laughably insecure s

Report Points To Russia In “Sophisticated Cyber Intrusion” Of Unclassified Joint Staff Email

A preliminary CNBC report is suggesting that the Russian government is responsible for a "sophisticated cyber intrusion" of an unclassified Joint Staff email server. The server, which affected "4,000

Major Security Bug In Aptean’s Customer Response System Puts User Data At Risk

A bug discovered by security researchers Eric Taylor and Blake Welsh can change a standard customer feedback system called Aptean SupportSoft into a method for hackers to grab passwords, credit card i

How Clifford Stoll Sells Klein Bottles From Under His House

Clifford Stoll wrote one of my favorite books, The Cuckoo’s Egg, and then went a little goofy about the future of the Internet. But that’s OK because Cliff now sells Klein Bottles, “

Google Shuts Down Map Maker Following Hacks

After a series of spam attacks and other obscene edits, Google has temporarily taken its crowdsourced map editing tool Map Maker offline. The online tool has, for years, allowed those in countries wit

Dashlane’s “Inbox Scan” Tool Uncovers The Passwords You’ve Saved In Your Email

Even if you create and use secure passwords with your various online sites, there are still a number of ways they can leak out. One area that’s often overlooked, according to password manager an

The Cloud Could Be Your Best Security Bet

In fact, if a cloud service has proper controls, it could be safer than running your own datacenter. Amazon, Google, Salesforce and Box to a company have much more at stake when it comes to security.

Voltera, The Electronics Printer, Launches To Much Fanfare

One of our absolute favorites from the Hardware Battlefield just launched on Kickstarter and they are, if you’ll excuse the cliché, crushing it. The company appeared on our stage at CES 2015 an

The Freedom Clip Breaks Coffee Pod DRM Because Java Wants To Be Free, Man

The latest Keurig K-Cup machines have a dirty secret: built into the little ground coffee pods that so many know and love is a nefarious form of DRM. A special ink found only on real cups (and damaged

The Digital Chord Chart Is A DIY Way To Learn The Guitar

It is my understanding, and correct me if I’m off base here, that you’re into piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. Furthermore, you’re not into yoga and, I suspect this is

Lizard Squad’s Plaintext Customer List Leaked As Another Member Is Arrested

The Lizard Squad, the group of hackers credited with taking down Xbox Live and PSN over the holiday, have been compromised and much of their data leaked. Brian Krebs received a listing of the Lizard S
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