• Axon Logic Hackintosh Tablet May Just Out-iPad The iPad

    Back in April we heard word of an affordable hackintosh tablet called the Axon Haptic. We were skeptical, since all we had was an anonymous tip and a render — something any 3D concept artist could have cooked up in an hour or two. But now we know that the Axon Haptic is real, you’ll be able to pre-order it this week, and yes, it runs OS X. Read More

  • A handy-dandy Hackintosh compatibility chart

    The world of Hackintosh can be a scary place to enter. You wanna make a OS X netbook but have no idea where to start. I feel you. Here’s a comprehensive chart that will get you going in the right direction. The worst thing you can do is buy a netbook on a whim and expect everything to work in OS X. There are definitely better models suited for the task than others. Read More

  • Hackintoshers, rejoice: Atom support returns to 10.6.2

    Apple has a history of spoiling hackers’ fun. In fact, they’ve almost made a business model out of it. But hackers won’t be kept down, and a little netbook running OS X is too tempting a gadget to give up on. So when Apple nixed Atom support in an recent update (strictly out of spite), the coders set to work. And in typical fashion, a short time later a solution is released. Read More

  • No worries, OS 10.6.2 does not kill Atom support

    The Hackintosh community can let out one big sigh of relief now. The latest build of OS 10.6.2 (10C535) supports the Intel Atom platform unlike the previous version that caused so much panic and concern earlier in the week. Of┬ácourse, as the source states, nothing is official until the final of version of the update is release, but it doesn’t look like Apple’s out to get the… Read More

  • Citizen Journalism: Making a Psystar Hackintosh

    Reader Louis sent in this longish missive about his own experiences installing a Psystar Hackintosh. We were stymied last night by the authentification procedure so we didn’t even get as far as Louis but it seems that the install, while fairly seamless, is fraught with problems. The speakers on our HP, for example, don’t work and while Apple’s Ink feature shows up in the… Read More

  • Great success! Our Hackintosh is alive thanks to Psystar

    It’s been a few hours since the Internet exploded over the Psystar Rebel_EFI bootloader and we tried it out on a few machines in the office and originally thought it failed. However, I let the boot screen run for a bit without touching the keyboard on an HP TouchSmart we had here and it suddenly dropped into the OS X install screen. A quick format using Disk Utility and I was, amazingly… Read More

  • Hackintosh maker to open actual physical hackintosh store in LA

    Is it confidence or hubris? Hackintosh company Quo Computers is looking to set up shop right in Apple’s back yard (well, down the street a little too), and for some reason they think their fate differ from Psystar’s. The difference, they say, is the quality of their products, despite the fact that those products are expressly forbidden by Apple’s OS X EULA. Still… Read More

  • Psystar to produce and sell an OS X netbook?

    Psystar, the crazy folks that have stood up to Apple’s legal behemoth and continue to produce Mac clones, might be working on a netbook according to MacRumors. Apple has been very quite on the netbook front, and seems to not want anything to do with the niche market — although rumors state otherwise. But there is nothing stopping Psystar from producing its own OS X-running netbook. Read More

  • Casemod: Widefault's Hackintosh Jr.

    One fan of the Mac Pro tower decided to build his own hackintosh case, from aluminum sheeting and mesh. The best part is, it’s about the size of a mac mini. I like the idea. It’s a good look. Read More

  • EFiX dongle allows for easy installation of OS X on your Intel PC

    At least, so they say. Of course, I was skeptical of Psystar and their thing worked like a charm. The EFiX site is dying right now from traffic, but today was the planned release for the EFiX USB dongle, which supposedly allows you to install OS X on your Intel-based PC with no muss, no fuss, and no BIOS flashing. You just plug the thing in and go like hell. The site’s been updated… Read More

  • Apple hasn't sued Psystar yet, but is it in the works?

    We posted earlier about Psystar, the Florida-based PC retailer selling a Mac clone that runs Leopard, which Apple can’t be too happy about. So far, Apple hasn’t taken any legal action against Psystar that we know of, however it might not be able to do much in the end. Wired talked to patent attorney Raj Abhyanker, who says that all Psystar is doing is violating Leopard’s EULA… Read More