• Crunch Report | Reddit Now Valued at $1.8 Billion

    Niantic postpones its European Pokémon GO Event, Discovery Communications acquires Scripps Networks for $14.6 billion, Game of Thrones materials getting released in HBO hack and Reddit is now valued at $1.8 billion. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Crunch Report | Casey Neistat’s Beme Acquired by CNN

    Casey Neistat’s Beme gets acquired by CNN, how did Black Friday 2016 do?, getting iCloud spam calendar invites?, Uber China gets its own app and San Francisco’s Muni gets hacked. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • A hack by any other name

    A hack by any other name

    Early this morning — so early that most of our audience probably didn’t see it — a story was posted on TechCrunch from the ever so friendly OurMine hacking team. The post was up for a handful of minutes and was removed, along with automatically generated social posts. Read More

  • Google Malaysia Site DNS Hacked, Credit Claimed By ‘Team Madleets’ Hacker 1337

    Google Malaysia Site DNS Hacked, Credit Claimed By ‘Team Madleets’ Hacker 1337

    Google’s Malaysian site has been hacked and replaced with a splash screen giving credit to a group called “Team Madleets.” The normal site has been offline for several hours as of late Thursday afternoon and the page lists a series of handles that are ostensibly part of the team responsible. Updated with brief statement from the hackers below. The attack appears to have… Read More

  • Zune HD hacked, entire hardware open to homebrew programmers

    Potentially huge news for Zune HD owners—that means Devin and I. It has been hacked~! Yes, the good folks over at ZuneBoards have hacked the Zune HD to pieces, giving homebrew developers full access to the hardware, access that otherwise lay behind the XNA development kit. The Zune HD isn’t too shabby, so I fully expect to see ports of popular emulators like FCEUX in no time at all. Read More

  • iPhone falls to hackers, all SMSes compromised

    Need to read what your loverly wife is sexting to the neighbor? It’s apparently quite easy. Some hackers – Vincenzo Iozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann – sent an iPhone user to a special site that was able to steal the phone’s entire SMS library in one swoop, winning the Pwn2Own challenge. Read More

  • Twitter Hack: Part Of Broader Iranian Strategy

    Late last night the popular micro-messaging service Twitter was attacked and had its website defaced by a group calling itself the Iranian Cyber Army. The Twitter homepage and the main application service page were replaced with a bold pro-Iranian and anti-American message. The message was loud, and very clear – the attack was in response to what Iran saw as internal meddling by the… Read More

  • IPSF unlocked iFones now works with 1.1.2, here's how

    Let’s say you have an iFones that was unlocked with iPhoneSimFree. And let’s say you tried jailbreaking when 1.1.2 came out, but you failed miserably. Well, now you can get that sucka working. Courtesy of Jesus over at the Giz. Read More

  • Update Bricks Hacked iPhones, Kills Kittens

    Possible results of updating your iPhone. Over the past few weeks Apple’s stance on hacked and modified iPhone software has drastically shifted from “do as you please” to a full on blow to the nuts earlier today. Although the iTunes WiFi music store is included in the update, users are reporting SIM errors when the device is used with anything other than AT&T. There… Read More