Hackathon NY 2016

AlexaSite wins the Disrupt NY 2016 Hackathon Grand Prize

It’s been a long night at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal. But this time, you couldn't see anyone waiting for a boat. Instead, the Cruise Terminal hosted a very special competition — the <a href="htt

Lilwil’s personalized learning engine teaches teachers how to teach

Every student has a unique learning style, but it's tough for teachers to figure out if they learn best through lectures, images, reading, self-directed practice, or group projects. By using publicly

Helix conducts research as you write

Researchers often need to go beyond Google to find the kind of medical journal articles and flat data files necessary for their work. But many journal articles are locked away in databases like JSTOR

Teach-U: VR uses virtual reality to let anyone learn piano or drums

NYU Shanghai students Sean Kelly and Sam Shi wanted to use VR to help increase access to information. Over the weekend at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in New York, the duo initially looked at help

Deep Focus saves you from being inundated by unimportant messages

If it's your birthday, Mother's Day or some other significant occasion, it's likely you'll receive a barrage of text messages, emails and calls. Even if it's not a special day, between your friends, s

The Eliza app makes mental health tracking as easy as talking to yourself

Makers of an app called Eliza want to make it as easy for people to track their psychological well-being as it is to track their physical fitness. The Eliza app asks users to record a voice memo, s

This chat bot pretends to be you so you can keep up with your friends

Too busy to keep up with your friends? There's a chat bot for that.

CrowdBuilder is a new app that’s taking on the fragmented event promoter market

According to the research firm IBISWorld, there are currently more than 65,000 event promoters in the U.S., most of who have limited geographic reach. Even including the industry’s largest player, L

TheHelpingHand.club uses Uber to direct homeless people to shelters

Coders stayed up all night at the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Hackathon this weekend in Brooklyn, New York. With just 24 hours to build something meaningful, it was no easy task. But four gentlemen met at t

MenuMe turns menu text into photos

At the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016 hackathon, a team of engineers from MasterCard teamed up to create an app that can help travelers visiting a foreign country better understand what food is being desc

Want to know who to vote for? IBM’s Watson Elections will make an emotional decision for you

Sad, mad, glad, confused about the presidential race so far? Well, if you are really lost on who to vote for, IBM may have a solution depending on your mood. Watson Elections, one of the surprising