Woot! Gyration Air Mouse for $30 ($20 mail-in rebate available, too)

<img src="">If you’re diligent about mail-in rebates, you can get this Gyration Air Mouse for $10. For the rest of us, it’s

iPhone App Review: Air Mouse Pro

A few days ago I reviewed Snatch, an app that allows you to use your iPhone as a trackpad and keyboard to control any PC or Mac on your home network. A couple of commenters gave me a tip to check out

New Gyration Air Mouse coming in October

Prepare to commence hand flailing. Gyration’s new Air Mouse will feature “MotionSense” technology which apparently “delivers precise in-air cursor control,” allowing you to ostensibly pick t

Air Music Remote: One controller for all your media needs

Movea’s Gyration Air Music Remote with MotionSense may have the longest and stupidest name of all time, but don’t let it fool you because it offers home entertainment buffs the choice of controlli

Gyration GyroTransport Hands-on

We already did a nice video on the GyroTransport last weekend, so we’ll just comment on this a bit more and leave it at that. I’ve rarely used presentation remotes because, thus far, they&

Gyration GyroTransport Quick Look

Here’s a quick video of the Gyration Gyrotransport in action. This $199 device will be out on Monday, September 18th. It’s extremely small and worked on both PC and Mac with absolutely no