Again Bio’s bacteria eats exhaust and spits vinegar (for the climate)

Again Bio says its modified bacteria currently eats about a ton of CO2 per day. Spun out by researchers at the Technical University of Denmark, Again Bio sics its hungry microbes on flue gas from a wa

Signos raises $20M to sprinkle AI fairy dust on the weight-loss industry

Signos, a metabolic health platform that utilizes a unique AI-engine with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to offer real-time data and recommendations for healthy weight management, has announced a

Context.ai wants to merge product analytics sensibilities with LLMs

Since the release of ChatGPT at the end of last year, we’ve seen companies developing generative AI tooling to help customers interact with their products and services in a more natural way. Yet in

Big Tech corporate venture capital 🤝 generative AI startups

As the race to build generative AI tools for the enterprise devolves into a battle royale, big tech is busy wielding its most powerful weapon: checkbooks.

Speakeasy is using AI to automate API creation and distribution

Just about every developer wants to create APIs to help other companies connect to their services more easily, but creating and documenting an API is a time-consuming process. Speakeasy, an early-stag

Push Security raises $15M to help SaaS users lower their online vulnerability

To keep a company secure in today’s digital universe, it takes a village — specifically, all the company’s employees, who have to be on their guard pretty much all the time to avoid

a16z, GV back Thatch in its effort to simplify health benefits for startups and their employees

When you’re dealing with health issues, worrying about how you’re going to pay for care can be a major additional stressor. This can be compounded when you’re facing major illnesses, such as rec

$500M in, GV gears up for more deals in Europe with a new partner in London, Luna Dai Schmid

Startups are raising less, and less often, right now, and some portfolios are buckling under the weight of write-downs from lower valuations and startups closing for business. But the venture industry

Moonhub wants to transform the way companies find job candidates using AI

Moonhub founder and CEO Nancy Xu was studying for her computer science PhD at Stanford when she had an epiphany about hiring. She believes that 90% of the candidates that are a great fit for any job o

Jetpack.io helps developers focus on applications instead of infrastructure

Jetpack.io’s founder Daniel Loreto has worked as an engineer at companies like Google, Airbnb and Twitter, companies with lots of engineering resources to build custom tools. But when he was at his

Observability platform Chronosphere raises another $115M at a $1.6B valuation

The market for cloud native observability tools remains hot. As with so many new technologies, containerization solved a fair number of problems but also introduced its share of new ones, including a

Artifact wants to record your family history in podcast-like audio recordings

After Ross Chanin’s grandfather died, Chanin mourned not only him, but the fact that he’d never gotten a chance to hear more about his grandfather’s life. Over a conversation with a

Cacheflow doubles valuation while raising $10M, proving that the venture market is far from dead

Cacheflow, a startup building tools for the software sales closing process, announced this morning that it closed $10 million in new capital.

Pangea Cyber wants to simplify security for developers with an API approach

When developers are creating a new application, they may build security features over time or take advantage of commercial offerings or open source libraries to implement certain security functions su

Zest wants to make buying and sending gifts online ‘delightful’

While e-commerce was on the rise before the pandemic, the massive shift to digital supercharged the online shopping industry — bringing entirely new categories of products (and shoppers) to the

Contraline erects $7.2M for contraceptive implants for men

The cervix industry has had implants to prevent pregnancy since the late 1960s, but there hasn’t exactly been stiff competition to slow down the fallopian swim team at its source. In fact, Contr

Landis grabs $40M to turn renters into homeowners

Here's how it works: Landis buys the home in an all-cash offer on behalf of the client, who then rents the home.

Google’s GV backs SideQuest, an unofficial Meta Quest app store

While the broader virtual reality industry earnestly waits for Meta’s next announcements around new VR products at its Connect event next week, Google’s venture arm GV is placing an interesting be

GV aims to help build a company that can sniff out disease, literally

Alex Wiltschko has what he thinks is a big idea. He wants to build a company that digitizes scent. It’s a natural step for Wiltschko, who has a PhD in neurobiology from Harvard, where he studied

Omni looks to take on Looker with its cloud-powered BI platform

There’s been an explosion of business intelligence (BI) tools in recent years, or tools that analyze and convert raw data into info for use in decision making. Investments in them are on the ris
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