Defense Distributed Prints An AR-15 Receiver That Has Fired More Than 600 Rounds

<a href="">Defense Distributed</a>, a group run primarily by gunsmith Cody Wilson, has released a video of an AR-15 with a 3D-printed lower receiver

Like It Or Not, 3D Printing Will Probably Be Legislated

As the race – and it’s basically a race – to release as many 3D-printed gun parts as possible heats up, it’s never been harder for me to come down on the side of the “Fre

Kickstarter: This Rubber Band Shotgun Is The Mother Of All Rubber Band Shotguns

Imagine it's Thanksgiving morning and you're with the family. You creep down the stairs, Sheriff in hand, and sneak in on dear old dad as he makes bacon pancakes. You set your weapon on "shotgun" and

Is There Money To Be Made In The DIY Sentry Gun Open Source Scene? Yes.

It's hard to forget that scene in the <i>Graduate</i> when the young, confused Benjamin is approached by a family friend who tells him the future in two words: sentry guns. Now you, too, can enter thi

Is Printing A Gun The Same As Buying A Gun?

There's an interesting back-and-forth going on at <a HREF="">Thingiverse</a>, a site founded by Makerbot to share 3D projects. Two designers have made two parts f

This Chain Gun Does Not Want To Be Your Friend

<img src="">It's not every day you see a massive BAE Systems Mk 38 chain gun firing off the bow of a Naval

The XM25: A Future Weapon Killing Bad Guys Right Now

<img src="">Come get some! The XM25 is bringing a world of hurt to Afgan baddies right now. The Army is apparently field te

The Internet Presents More Lego Guns

We first posted about Lego guns back in January and now they’re back and these guns actually fire. That’s right – not only do they completely ignore the pacifist notion that Lego is

Lego Guns: The Antithesis Of All That Is Lego

Sure you can build little houses and stuff with Lego, but can you build a sniper rifle? Lego for Adults author Martin Martin Hüdepohl wants to show you how in his book Badass Lego Guns. This video te

Video: Sweet Homemade Automatic BB Cannon

<img src="" />I wouldn't have thought that so many BBs could come out of a bit of DIY like that, but you can't argue with that ruined appl

Gunman Pokes Holes In the Theory That You Can't Shoot Open a Padlock

PopMech posted an interesting story testing multiple padlocks against multiple stressors including a “Salt Fog” test for rust resistance and, it seems, a gun test.

There are shotgun revolvers

If you’ve played Borderlands, you’ve probably chuckled at some of the hybrid guns they’ve created — shotguns that shoot rockets and all that. Well, as it turns out, there reall

Armatix handgun can only be fired by someone wearing the correct watch

<img title="gun" src="" />This seems like a really good idea. A German company called Armatix has developed a handgun that can only be fired

Weaponized strollers aren’t for sale… yet?

<img src="">Do you have a baby? If so, do you also happen to live in a post-apocalyptic neighborhood? I bet it's tough to wield a mach

Kari from Mythbusters wants you to say hello to her leetle friend

<img src="" />Fresh from the <a HREF="">Twitter feed of

Ping pong cannon blasts through drywall and particle board

Protect your home or business from unwanted intruders with a pneumatic cannon that shoots water-filled ping pong balls capable of tearing holes through various materials. That, or shoot regular air-fi

Video: Potato gatling gun

A family that builds food-based weapons together stays together. Take the DeRose family — they issue themselves a “design challenge” every year around the holidays. This year’s

Balloon Russian Roulette: What fun!

Low bleachers covered in red velvet are set in a semi-circle facing a small stage. The stage is lit with a single, blindingly bright spotlight and is furnished with a table and two velvet-covered chai

Already bored with your sniper rifle? Howsabout an iPod mount?

<img src="">Here's an iPod mount for your trusty sniper rifle -- sure, why the hell not? I mean, the life of a sniper is

Sega's Wii gun for House of the Dead: Overkill can't be got in America

<img src="" /> <i>House of the Dead: Overkill</i> comes out for the Wii next month, and it promises to be a violent, superfun adventu
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