Police say shooter’s anger over YouTube policies ‘appears to be the motive’

The woman who attacked YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno yesterday may have been acting out of anger over the site's content policies. "At this point in the investigation it is believed that the sus

Bumble is banning guns from profile pictures

Dating app Bumble is joining the dozens of major companies that have decided to take the fight against gun violence into their own hands following a string of mass shootings and renewed discussions ar

YouTube bans bump stock instructional videos following Las Vegas shooting

Following a mass shooting in Las Vegas earlier this month that left 58 people dead and hundreds injured, YouTube is removing video tutorials demonstrating how to make rifles more deadly using a device

Tech must take on hate

I grew up with guns. One gun, my grandfather’s WWII Colt M1911, looms large in my memory. My father tells the story of one night when Grandpa got drunk and shot a hole in the wall of his small h

This Semi-Automatic Gun Is “95 Percent” 3D Printed

Another day, another 3D-printed gun. This one comes to us from a carpenter from West Virginia who calls himself Derwood. His gun is “95 percent” 3D printed which means the important bits &

Don’t Worry: You Can’t 3D Print A Machine Gun

Prepare yourself for an onslaught media panic because the Ghost Gunner, essentially a kit that lets you print your own AR-15 lower receiver, is ready to ship and getting press attention again. The Gho

Maker Creates A 3D-Printed “Poison Dart Gun”

Maker Peter Alaric DeSimone has created a 3D-printed dart pistol that shoots 40mm blowgun darts using a piston system. The entire gun takes about eight hours to build and features rubber bands to brin

U.S. Legislation Aims To Ban Plastic Guns Metal Detectors Can’t Detect

Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) and a group of Democrats have proposed the Undetectable Firearms Modernization Act, legislation that would require all guns to contain enough metal to be detected by metal d

A New Bullet Can Make 3D-Printed Guns A Reality

3D printed guns aren't very compelling right now. Because of the vagaries of plastic and the methods used to manufacture weapons like the Liberator, your gun can turn itself into a hand grenade if you

Solid Concepts Announces Another 3D-Printed Metal Gun

Solid Concepts, a company that specializes in 3D printing in metal and now owned by Stratasys, as announced their second 3D-printed metal gun, the Reason. Their first gun, the 1911, as well as this on

Japanese 3D-Printed Gun Maker Is Sentenced To Two Years In Jail

Yoshitomo Imura, an employee at the Shonan Institute of Technology in Japan, was arrested last may for printing and firing a 3D-printed gun called the ZigZag. He printed three guns in total and was ar

Designer Builds A 3D-Printable “Imura Revolver” In Honor Of Arrested Japanese Maker

When Japanese police arrested Yoshitomo Imura for printing his own revolvers, 3D printing advocates in some circles were up in arms. The guns, which only fired blanks, were simple test models called t

Gunmaker Skirts Laws By 3D-Printing A Single Firearm Part

A gunmaker who calls himself Buck O’Fama (get it?) has posted a video of his 3D-printed Ruger Charger receiver. This single part, which usually holds the serial number and is an integral part of the

Japanese Man Arrested For Printing His Own Revolvers

Police arrested a 27-year-old university official from Kawasaki City, Yoshitomo Imura, after he posted a video of himself firing a 3D-printed six shooter called the Zig Zag revolver. Imura was employe

House Approves Plastic Gun Ban, But Fails To Update Law For 3D Weapons

The most unproductive Congress in history could not manage to update a ban on plastic guns for the era of 3D printed weapons. Today, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly voted to extend the Un

Danish Company Creates Software That Will Stop You From Printing A Gun

A Danish company called <a target="_blank" href="">Create It Real</a> has built a software package that recognizes digital gun part models

The Constitution And The 3D Printed Plastic Pistol

By now, you have probably heard about the Liberator, a 3D printed plastic gun designed, assembled, and test-fired by Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. Is it legal?

What You Need To Know About The Liberator 3D-Printed Pistol

Now that we have confirmation that the <a href="">Liberator</a> 3D-printed pistol

Defense Distributed Claims To Have Produced The First Fully 3D-Printable Pistol

While Defense Distributed, the Thingiverse for gun parts, has been working on a 3D-printed lower receiver for the AR-15 for some time now, they’ve finally announced that they’ve completed

A Precision Guided Firearm Powered by Linux

I've written a number of times about how ubiquitous Linux has become. It powers supercomputers and cell phones. It's in automotive infotainment systems. It's in medical equipment. It's also now in fir
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