• Review: Gunnar Optiks 3D glasses

    There’s no doubt about it: 3D is here to stay. Although it’s been almost two years since I gawked at 3D TVs at IFA 2008, there’s still little penetration in the consumer space. Hollywood is going gangbusters with the technology, though: 25 major films are slated to be released in 3D in 2011, and DreamWorks and Disney have promised that all of their animated films will be… Read More

  • Gunnar Optiks joining forces with Carl Zeiss to make new lenses

    Gunnar Optiks, makers of advanced lenses to ease eye strain for computer users, is teaming up with Carl Zeiss to bring a whole new class of “optics” to you. Not a whole lot of details at this point, other than Zeiss coatings and tints “will be used on the Gunnar Optiks lenses to change the lenses to suit specific digital viewing environments.” Read More

  • Review part deux: Gunnar Optiks

    Just a quick post to provide a little more detail to David’s review of Gunnar Legends computer glasses, to provide a non-gamer point of view. I’ve been using the same model on and off for a couple of weeks, too. Unlike David, I hardly ever play games. Instead, I use the Gunnar glasses to look at laptop and desktop computer screens, which are usually three or four feet from my face. Read More

  • Review: GUNNAR Optiks Precision Computing Glasses

    Do you get computer eyestrain? Do you want to look like a bad imitation of Hunter S Thompson? Do you have $200 to spend? Then try the GUNNAR Optiks digital eyewear. These are supposed to reduce eyestrain by decreasing glare and improving overall image quality, but do they work? Read More