• This 15-foot tall mech weighs 8,000 lbs and can run 20 mph

    This 15-foot tall mech weighs 8,000 lbs and can run 20 mph

    This is Mobile Suit Gundam in real life. A company called Furrion created this monster of a mech. It’s called Prosthesis and I need one in my life. The Prosthesis is an exoskeleton that weighs 8,000, has a top speed of 20 mph, and the company says the battery can power the mech for an hour. And this thing is for real. Watch the video above. This isn’t a robot. It’s an… Read More

  • Giant Gundam Robot Statue Returns To Tokyo – In Parts

    Giant Gundam Robot Statue Returns To Tokyo – In Parts

    We’ve spent countless posts, in CrunchGear times, on the gigantic (60 foot) statue of Gundam that was erected in Tokyo and Shizuoka in 2009 and 2010. The “life-size” statue was deconstructed a few months ago, and now Bandai, the company behind the Gundam franchise, decided to bring it back to Tokyo. Read More

  • Chinese Gundam Copy Now Looks Less Like The Original, Still Ugly

    Do you remember the embarrassingly ugly and uncool Chinese copy of the awesome Gundam statue Bandai erected in Tokyo and later in Shizuoka? The rip-off caused such a splash that mass media in Japan (and the world) started reporting about it, which then made the Chinese theme park responsible remove their statue for a while. Read More

  • Very Cool 1/1 Scale Gundam Time-Lapse Video

    The 1/1 scale Gundam statue that Bandai erected in Tokyo in 2009 (and re-erected one year later in Shizuoka) caused a huge splash: it “inspired” a Chinese theme park, it made Kobe get a Gigantor statue, and it prompted Gundam geeks to come up with fan-made things. And one of these geeks is “darwinfish105″ [JP], a videographer from Japan who created an awesome clip of… Read More

  • Japan Gets Gundam VISA Card

    Gundam statues, coffee shops, PS3 consoles, even jets – Japan’s love for the cult anime Gundam is limitless. And today, major Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui announced [JP] something entirely new: a Gundam credit card. Read More

  • Chinese Theme Park Copies Japan's Giant Gundam Statue

    Because it’s so awesome, we’ve spent multiple times covering the 50-foot Gundam statue Japan erected in Tokyo and later in Shizuoka. And now we can see that a theme park in Sichuan in central China agrees: it’s in the process of erecting a Gundam on their own. Read More

  • Bandai To Sell Mini Figure Of That Awesome Life-Size Gundam Statue

    I am sure by now every CrunchGear reader knows about that 60-foot Gundam statue that Bandai erected in Tokyo in 2009 (and re-erected again in Shizuoka this year) and that we’ve spent quite a few posts on. In case you’re interested to see the statue live but can’t (Japan is far away for most of you, after all), Bandai today announced [JP] something of an alternative: a… Read More

  • Video: Geek Builds Awesome 10 Feet Tall Gundam Statue Out Of Trash

    What do you do when you’re a Gundam otaku and have 95 days (or more than 300 hours) of free time? Easy, you go and build a 3m (9.8 feet) tall Gundam figure [JP], all by yourself. That’s what a Japanese person called “Hirotyun” [JP] did, and the amazing thing is that he mainly used plastic runners in the process. Read More

  • Video: Japan Gets Gundam "Robot" Phone

    After teasing it in May, Japan’s No. 3 mobile carrier SoftBank Mobile (25 million subscribers) now added a Gundam-themed cell phone to its line-up. Gundam is one of the most famous anime series out there, and the new handset is geared towards fans of that series (and cell phone otaku in general). Read More